Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hard to imagine!


Some dreams
You’ve always wished for
Worked for
Hoped for
Never a certainty
But always a part of you.

Some dreams
Sneak up on you
Change your direction
Fill you with new excitement
Provide a new outlook
New goals
New hope

And some dreams
You never know you had
They come true
And all you can do
Is praise God!

 Sitting in my office today amazed that I've almost finished my first year as a professor!!  I love my job! (it has its moments of course) I'm thankful!

Here is some knitting (I'm so far behind posting, but these have pictures)
Plain socks in Trekking
Temptest (from knitty)--Love!
Yarn: Cascade's Heritage Quatro!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Jaywalker Socks

These socks took me forever to knit.  I was over them way before they were done, and I think they were what caused me to lose my sock knitting mojo!  Today in the sunshine, they look happy and I'll forgive them. 
 I'll let go of the fact that I knit almost a whole sock in the 84 stitch pattern thinking surely that will be big enough only to find out I was WRONG.  So up to 92 stitches around, which just seems wrong on so many levels.  92 stitches? Seriously?!  But I'll let that go, and be proud of how well the yarn works with this pattern and realize it was worth it!
Pattern:  Jaywalker Socks by Grumperina
Yarn: Lorna's Laces Sock yarn in Amethyst Stripe

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Break Project #3

Another before and after type post! (I do have knitting to show you too, but that may be another day)  Knox's litter box fits perfectly in the unused fireplace in our bedroom, but it has been a bit of an eye sore, especially because it what you see when you walk up the stairs.  I thought a fireplace screen would help! (Mom and Dad found this at an estate sale for $7.50! Talk about a bargain!
 But you can see through it!
 A yard of fabric and some hot glue!  Perfect!
"Looks good to me!"

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Break Project #2

 This spring break has been full of getting some much needed projects done.  Here is another piece that needed a little revamping for the new house.  Two cans of spray paint later and I'm happy! 
 Plus it feels great to get some things crossed off my list.  Still have some work to finish, though I've done some of it and finally removed all the boxes of "my childhood" from my parents.  Right now they are in the basement.  Out of sight out of mind.  I should go through them, but that may have to wait for summer break.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break Project #1

I have to say I love "Spring Break" especially when I'm not desperately trying to finish a dissertation :)  So far I've gotten to spend fun time with my families!!! and now am starting some of my to-do list (while I procrastinate a little on my work to-do list)  So here is the first project:
The before picture!
I love this little arrangement.  I got it in Baton Rouge and it was perfect to add a little soft touch to a rather drab apartment.  I looked good in my new house until I found the perfect rug for the entry way.  Then it clashed! and every time I walked by my eye screamed something was off.  I thought I would have to replace it, and then I realized it had a foam center, so I decided to swap some flowers and ribbons instead. 
The after pictures!
My dear mom helped me pick flowers out and then I went to work!  (Now my mom is amazing with flowers, and has always made stuff for me....including all my wedding pics)  I've watched and helped her, but never tried on my own.  So this time I tried on my own, knowing I could run to her for help if I made a disaster.  I'm quite pleased with myself and feel like the colors work so much better now!

The after pictures!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Trying something new this year!

You know I often don't post because I don't have pictures, but today I decided not to care! (maybe I'll do that more often)  Last year I was on a yarn diet.  Like all diets it went okay at best.  Don't take me wrong I did knit a lot of yarn that I had (in preparation for moving), but I still feel like I'm bursting at the seams. Granted my stash is small compared to many I've seen, but....I feel the need for less.  Perhaps to make shopping more fun and less guilt ridden.  Here's the plan:
  • 12 projects (socks, gloves, baby items, a sweater)
  • with 12 stash yarns
  • 12 months
First of all, I find it scary that I have that much yarn, but this will help to reduce things.  The goal is one a month (since that seems logical).  I don't think it will be all my knitting either, but it will be a considerable amount.

And just so you know.....1 project is done (some plain socks)  I'll show you a picture in a future post!  So are you trying to knit down your stash too?  

Monday, January 17, 2011

My gauge swatch LIED!

So I've started Tempest, a fun cardigan with some Christmas yarn (thanks Mom and Amber!)  My last sweater came out too big (more on that another day) so I dutifully worked a gauge swatch (a full 4in by 4in mind you).  Of course I didn't get gauge....so I went up 2 needle sizes and made ANOTHER gauge swatch.  I was still a little under so I went up a size.  I measured and remeasured!  I talked it over with another trusted knitter.  I was set!
 Everything seemed fine, but then it started to seem a little long....I kept trying to convince myself it was okay.  So after I finished the back I blocked it and measured.....way WAY too BIG!!!  It will be pretty when it is the right size and thankfully I found out after doing the back! 
 So with all that planning why oh why did this happen?  I measured the finished garment and my gauge didn't match the swatch!  I don't know if I changed? or if the weight of the bigger garment changed it somehow?
I'm going back to the smaller needles (same size) and going to see what happens.  Since planning didn't do me any good we're going to wing it.