Friday, October 24, 2008

Magic Loop 2-at-a-time Tutorial Part 2--the heel

*** Warning: Picture Heavy post!!***

Here is part 1 of this tutorial!

1.  So at this point you should be ready to turn the heel on your socks.  I'll be showing how to do a heel flap 2 at a time.

2.  Work the heel flap back and forth on the right sock and turn the heel (yes it is important to start with the right one, not the left...I know from personal experience)  The other sock is just left on the cord for now.

3.  Move the heel flap stitches down on the cord freeing up the needle to pick up stitches.

4. Pick up the heel stitches on the left side of the heel flap.

5. Pull the cord through removing the loop (this is the same as one at a time ML knitting)

6.  Move the left sock down on the cord to sit for a while.  Repeat on the left sock (heel flap, turn heel, and pick up stitches on the left side of the flap)

7. Turn your work and work one row on the front stitches of both socks without picking up any more stitches.

8. Turn work and pick on the remaining stitches of the sock you are working with.

9.  Keep knitting the rest of the "heel" stitches, so now all the heel stitches are together on one side and the top of the foot stitches are on the other side (I know there are a lot of stitches on the heel side right now, but they will decrease quickly)

10.  Now pick up the remaining heel flap stitches on the other sock and keep knitting the rest of the heel stitches.

11. Congratulations!  You have turned both your heels and are ready to continue on to finish your socks.

Ask your questions, just make sure that I have a way of contacting you with the answer!


  1. I'm filing this in my brain for when I'm ready for another pair of socks.

  2. I still want you to come visit me and teach me hands on. Please??? A winter trip to NY sounds good doesn't it?

  3. You're doing these super fast and I love the yarn color- so pretty.

  4. THANK YOU for doing this tutorial. I wasn't wrapping around the 2 at one time thing. I can't wait to finish up a couple of pairs I have on the needles so I can do this with your pics!!!!

  5. Wow! I'm JUST into the very first part of mMagic Loop knitting< leah. At first, I was completely confused (as I KNEW I'd be), but now I don't seem to be having as much trouble as I was 4 hours ago. I think I was making too hard inside my head, or something. I've achieved knitting in the round--so I know I can at least do the cuff of a sock--I guess I'll just try to KNIT ON!

    So thanks for the tutorial--I'm thinking of trying to knit one sock using magic loop before I try 2 though.!! Hope you are having a good weekend. Davey LOVED his turtle so much--he named him SEA--because, he said, "He looks like a SEA turtle, MeMe!"

  6. Thank you for these tutorials Leah!

  7. I'm trying to figure out which is the "right" sock. I'm assuming its when both have completed the row, ready to start a new row on both socks, the one closer to the needles (the one you'd work on next anyway, right?) My email is

  8. Thank you for the tutorials! You made it so easy to understand! I'm planning on knitting all of my socks this way from now on!

  9. This tutorial was the best I've found! I was doing it another way (doing both heel flaps at once, then turning them individually), but I ended up having to pull out my dpn's to get the stitches re-ordered on the circular so that I could arrange them like yours. All the heels on one sock and all the insteps on another will not only make decreases easier, but you won't have to reorganize the stitches when it comes time to close the toe! Thanks! (I'm going to link to you in my post on this)

  10. i just successfully did this last night, on my own. I had found your tutorial and then forgot where I found it - I just found that I bookmarked it - silly me!


  11. Thank you for this straightforward, simple and successful tutorial on turning two socks on one loop! This is my first successful turn, after trying and having to go to one at a time to finish. Great and simple explanation with excellent pictures. I am off and around to finish my socks.

  12. Thanks for the GREAT Tutorial! I have had trouble working both gussets in the past and this way makes it work out beautifully.

  13. Just saw this tutorial from a friend's Pin. Been using the Magic Loop method for years (WOWZZA!), but will try to add the second sock with my next pair. Great tutorial!

  14. I know this is an older post, but I want to thank you. I knit socks like crazy, always 2aat on magic loop, but I can never seem to remember the order for the heel turn. I've ended up with some funky socks set up by doing it wrong. This tutorial is clear, simple, and not a video. :) I LOVE IT. Thanks so much!

  15. OMG, what a great tutorial! I've been knitting TAAT Magic Loop Socks on 1 Circular by cheating, transferring stitches onto DPN's just upon reaching heel turns! LOL! With this fabulous tutorial I can now try it from start to finish! God bless you!! :)