Thursday, October 23, 2008

Magic Loop 2-at-a-time Tutorial Part 1

***Warning: Picture heavy post!***

My goal in this tutorial is to show how to do two socks at a time using Magic Loop!  I assume that you are familiar with knitting socks and regular magic loop knitting (if not see my previous tutorials for some help).

1. To start with you you need one long circular needle (mine are a 60 inch Addi's....I wish it were a little bit shorter)  You also need your yarn separated into two balls (one for each sock)

2.  Cast on half your stitches for the first sock.  Slide them down the cord.

3. Then (using the other ball of yarn) cast on all your stitches for the 2nd sock.

4.  Find the middle of your stitches on the second sock and pull the cord through to make your "loop."  (You have half of the first sock cast on and all of the second)

5.  Now you are ready to cast on the remaining stitches for the first sock.  Take the yarn and bring the needle close to where you left off to cast on the stitches across from the ones you already did.

(bring the yarn and needle into position to cast on other half)
(casting on other half)

6.  Now you are ready to join your first sock for knitting in the round.  This is just like normal magic loop knitting.
(bring the stitches to the ends of the needles, pull the back needle which has the working yarn on it out and around to knit the next stitch that should be knit)

7.  Then you need to join the second sock.  Adjust your needles so you have enough room to work and so that the stitches to be knit are on the needle.  Then join as usual and knit.

8. Now you should be ready to turn your work, adjust your needles and knit the other side.  Remember to switch balls of yarn as you switch socks.

You should be good to go until the heel now.  I would mark the spot where you have made a complete round (of both socks)  Normally I don't do this because it is obvious, but I get confused with 2  at a time if I don't)  I think this method is a little fiddly at first, but once you have an inch or so it settles down.  Questions? Please ask (make sure to leave a way for me to contact you with an answer)

Part 2-the heel-coming tomorrow!


  1. Now, this I haven't tried. Maybe the next pair of plain socks, I'll do magic loop 2 at a time. I did buy a 60" addi turbo size 1 just for that purpose. Thanks for the instructions.

  2. I recognize that yarn!

  3. Well executed tutorial ~ very easy to follow.

  4. Hi, thanks for the great tutorial, I used it to make the Bella's Mittens two-at-a-time, and it was invaluable! I never would have figured it out myself!

    I linked to this post in my Ravelry Project information, I'm hoping that is okay. My ravelry id is lindseyk. If you would like me to remove it, I will, I just wanted to pass along the useful tutorial to others!

    Thanks again!!

  5. I love your tutorial! If I wanted to do these toe up, could I cast on for the full amount of stitches for the first row, then K1 slip1 for the next two rows making a tube?

  6. heidilady: I've never done 2-at-a-time toe up. What I have heard others do it to make the toes one at a time and then put them together to do the rest of the sock. Let me think if there is a way around that.....if doing something like Judy's magic cast on you could probably do the toes together it just might be fiddly. Leave me a way to contact you if you want to brainstorm further! ~Leah

  7. I found this link on Ravelry. Hmm... So I'm to cast on 1/2 of sock A, then all of sock B, then the 2nd half of sock A. Here's where I'm unsure of what happens next: Do I work the 1st half of row 1 of sock A, the both halves of row 1 of sock B, and, finally, the second half of row 1 of sock A?
    I've just learned to do socks and am just doing my first single magic loop sock, but I can already feel "second sock syndrome" coming on. Thanks for your help!

  8. Oh goody, I forgot to let you know how to reach me. I'm on Ravelry as "latarthur". Thanks again!

  9. I am trying to follow the direction for the magic loop 2 at a time. My question is what type of cast on method to you use so that you can cast on the second half of the first sock correctly.
    Thanks for you help

  10. I also forgot to tell you how to reach me. e-mail

  11. Thanks for the great tutorial! It's the easiest I've seen. I'm working on a pair of legwarmers. If these turn out well, I will move on to socks. I also recommend trying Knitpicks Options circular knitting needles. The cables are very soft and flexible. Im using 40 inch cable with no problem.

  12. Am I right in thinking that the cast on has to be a “long tailed” cast on? I’m thinking that a cable or knitted cast on will not work.