Friday, May 29, 2009

Surgeon Dad!

Wow! It is hard to believe it has been 3 weeks since I've blogged.  I guess that is what happens when you go visit family (for my bro's graduation...way to go!) squeeze in a math conference and finally drive home!

When I arrived at my parents.....this was on my bed!

I had mentioned to my mom that I really wanted some legs/feet to model socks!  and super shopper that she is, found some and surprised me for my b-day! (These are socks I made for mom for Christmas that she dressed the feet with!....her Mother's day socks were finished with 2 hours to spare, she loves them, we forgot to take a picture)

I love the awesome pics I can get.  (I'll let you in on a secret, they are actually guy feet, but seeing as my feet are almost guy size it will work perfect for modeling my socks!)  Have you tried to take pics of socks on your own feet?  Talk about all the blood rushing to your head!  I love it!  So the bad news was these weren't just feet, they were legs and quite big to store in my little apartment!  Dad had an idea!

Cut them off, mount them to a board and there you go!

It was a fun morning project!

How did I forget to take a pic of the finished product?  I'll show you soon, maybe modeling a sock!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Spinning Fun!

Okay, okay, I know I've been procrastinating finishing my mom's fact today I've set a goal on the sock before doing any other crafting (I'm about half way there)  So what have I been doing instead?


the lovely Romney I got in NM! :)  One skein is done (~2.5 oz 196 yards, 3-ply)  I'm excited to see what happens after it is washed!  I have singles done up for 2 more skeins, plus fiber for just a little bit more!

Oh and half the singles done with a merino/silk blend!  Yumm, but must get the other bobbins empty before I can finish. 
Bad News:  I've had some shoulder issues from has taken me a long time to figure out the cause....Good News: so I forced myself to not spin for 4 days and it is feeling better!  and when I spun last night I really watched my technique and limited my time...and the shoulder is fine today.  So I just have to make sure that I watch my movements!

Bad News: I started a sweater (10 inches worth) with my Scotland yarn!  Why is this bad?....because I'm not working on my sock!  Good News: I'm loving the sweater, and the yarn, and I have a schedule for the sock.  No problem!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

200th post!

I'm having trouble believing I have written 200 posts....thanks for coming back to read them.  I must admit that blogging has been more fun and rewarding than I ever dreamed.  I have met such amazing people and have felt such encouragement!  I guess it is fitting that this post (which I have nothing special planned) is about socks :)
One sock is done (and a good part of the leg of the second sock)  I think the pink is brighter in person, but I can't get it to come out in the photo.

These should have no problem being done by Sunday (around dinner time)!  to be given to my mom!  I am so blessed that this year I get to see my mom on Mother's Day....we should be there by the evening....and I have all day to knit in the car.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Problem Solved!

It was nice this morning to wake up to a nice thunderstorm and the smell of homemade bread (from the bread machine) and know I could sleep a few more minutes!  I love finals week.  I have no finals, but even when I did, I was one of the strange ones who has always enjoyed the week.  Maybe because I've mostly been a good student and so the last minute cramming wasn't as intense, or somehow that things were almost over and there were things to look forward to.  Maybe it was the sense of accomplishment that I really had made it through another semester.  Maybe it was just that I didn't have to sit through hours of lectures.  DH and I (well even before we were married) always had fun during finals too!  The dorms would be making weird concoctions of leftovers and we would go eat out or do some random things to get away from those who hated finals week.   Well, my classes are done, maybe my last ones ever (there don't seem to be good classes for me to take next year), no exams, still just as much work to do as last Friday, but surprisingly I feel better.  It is finals week after all!

And to celebrate I now have a matching hat and scarf!!!  Woohoo!  Remember I had solved this problem before going to Scotland only to lose my scarf which I had had for years, but of course not lose the new hat!  Well now we have a hat and scarf!  I really like my knitting to go together.  Things don't have to match 100% and they don't need to look like they came from a store, but I want them to look nice....would hate for "What Not to Wear" to show up and try to take away my handknit items after all! 

Pattern: Merci Scarf
Yarn: 200 yds, 4oz of handspun merino (I love knitting with handspun!)
Needles:  US 10
Mods: None
The pattern was easy, reversible, doesn't roll, and "matches" the hat pretty well.  I'm not sure why it took me so much longer to make the scarf compared to the hat, they used the same amount of yarn?