Friday, May 30, 2008

I'm off!

Sorry for the lack of posting lately!  May and early June has lots of traveling for DH and I, and so the blog has gone on the back burner.  Today I leave for Ohio for a math conference!  I'm super excited about it and think I may learn a lot!  I return next Friday.  There may be an occasional post, but no promises.  Oh, and I'm going to try to talk my mom into doing a guest post with her finished socks! (thanks for the idea Faith!)  So May was supposed to bring some non-sock much for that idea.  I started a new pair this week....they are just so portable and that is what I need right now and they don't warm you up while working on them!  And I have a sock project planned just for the trip!  So when I get back there will be lots to tell you about!  So until later!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Here they of my finished socks!

Here are the details:
Pattern: Undulating Rib socks from Favorite socks
Needles: US 2 dpn
Yarn: STR won in a contest from Abigail! (thank you again!)
Modifications: Do you call mistakes modifications? Doing the first sock while visiting home I wasn't paying that much attention! There was supposed to be a purl on each side of the instep...mine only has it on one side. It didn't bug me enough to rip it out, so it was a modification. In light of first modification, I did a standard toe instead of one with pearls like the pattern said.

It was a nice knit and the yarn was great too! a little thick, but very fun!

Oh, here is the giraffe cookie cutter!

News from mom: she is on the heal flap of the second sock! Wow! (She is a little worried about doing this part by herself, but I'm confidant she can do it!)

Monday, May 26, 2008

This and that!

I had a post all ready for yesterday except for the pics, but....DH is out of town and decided at the last minute to take my camera (it is small unlike his). When I went to take pics using his camera, I found the batteries dead! They are will come later, so this is a pictureless post :(

First of all we have some exciting giraffe updates....I realize that you all may not feel about giraffes as I do, but you get to humor me....Gertrude is available here! (this is the pattern I've been waiting and waiting to come out) I've got the pattern and now am trying to decide on the yarn! Woohoo! Go admire the cuteness of her!

Secondly, look what my SIL got me while in Kansas! Yes! it is a giraffe cookie cutter! What fun!
*okay, I know you can't look, no camera, but use your imagination, it is really cute!
In knitting news:
My socks are done! There was enough yarn (barely), and I sweated the whole second sock. Photos and full details when I can take pics, because how can you talk about a finished object without pics? So I did a standard toe (complete with grafting) for this sock. I guess I've never make socks for me with this toe. After trying it on, I think I've decided that the star toe is more comfy for me. What are your favorite toes?
Mom's knitting: One sock done and it fits like a glove! and several inches into the second! She reports that she is enjoy the second sock a lot more--I think she is finally relaxing about it! She will share pics next week (she is currently on vacation without Internet) Way to go Mom!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Catching up!

Who knew that when you leave town for 10 days there is so much catching up to do. Things to fill you all in on and so many blogs to read...not to mention math to do.
Here the SIL graduated from DH and my alma mater! We are both so proud of her and her hard work! She is such a super lady! As an added bonus, we got to say hi to a lot of professors that have made such a difference in our lives!

On to knitting is my mom posing with her lovely sock. (This was her progress when I left to return to BR) I think she is doing super! She has since reported that her foot is now 5 inches long! I think the hardest part for her is learning how to fix the mistakes she makes (especially now that I'm not there to help) But I'm confident she can do it. It just takes practice and patience! Way to go mom! She will be finished with the first sock in no time! She has promised to keep us updated with pics! Coming attractions.....update on my socks and some giraffe news!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Second Day!

Mom did great yesterday! Look at her progress....almost 2.5 inches total. She did a 2x2 rib for 1 inch then switched to plain stockinette. She is starting to get a good rhythm going. (I only had to help 3 times yesterday!) She is using Gloss from Knitpicks in Dolphin! and US 1.5 dpn.

Here is my sock! I love watching how the colors unfold and knit up! I'm doing Undulating Rib socks from Favorite socks on US 2 dpn. You may have noticed that my sock is looking loving on some sock blockers (from The Loopy Ewe) They are an early b-day gift from my little brother!

Today I'm off to lunch with my SIL, who is in town for her brother's graduation! Have a super day!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mom's first day!

Yesterday Mom had her first sock knitting day! See what great progress she made. The DPNs were a bit of a challenge for her (I forget how fiddly they are until you get used to them) But I think she did super! She says, eventually I will enjoy it! (right now it is a little stressful) We're going to do the ribbing for 1 inch, then switch to stockinette. (she is looking forward to that)

My sock went on the road!

sock with cat in the back seat

somewhere in the middle of Arkansas

I had these great plans of taking "sock pics" all along the trip...but then I forgot. So those were the ones I remembered. I had written down the pattern for the leg for the car ride (I packed the book) thinking there was no way I would get to the heel.....after I few hours I realized I had to pace myself or I would have many hours without knitting. So here is my progress! I will post more details in the near future!

Friday, May 9, 2008

May Socks!

These socks just flew off the needles! I'm so pleased with how these turned out! and now my May socks are done too. I really like how stretchy the pattern is too--it makes me worry less about a good fit! Here are the details:

Pattern: Waving Lace Socks from Favorite Socks
Yarn: Louet Gems, color Terra Cotta, 2 skeins, purchased at Knit-wit in Olathe KS
Needles: Knitpicks Harmony DPN size 2.5mm
Modifications: I did the ribbing option for the cuff.

This was a new yarn for me! I loved the color, but was a little concerned that the yarn might be too thin or scratchy, but I was completely wrong. I love how it knit up and it produced a thin sock (but not too thin) and feels very soft! I was pleasantly surprised! Now I'm ready to start some socks for me using my new STR! Sunday we (DH, Knox and I) leave for KS to visit the families and see my SIL graduate college (Woohoo!) So posts will be a little more sporadic, but I will try to keep in touch!

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Yesterday I got two packages (I love getting mail)! But I was only expecting one! Here is my lovely knitpicks order!

(Had to get sock yarn to teach mom--always a good excuse) and the rest is some early birthday presents from B & A and DH. B & A = twin brother and sister-in-law. My DH laughed at my brother and I as we discussed our respective B-day presents:
B: Hey sis! do you know what you are getting me for my b-day?
L (me): Nope!
B: Well, I'm placing a book order Monday and there is this costs...I can order it all to save on shipping...
L: sounds super! do you know what you are getting me?
B: Nope!
L: Well, I'm placing this yarn order. Do you want to put the same amount towards my yarn?
B: Sure!
L: Okay, we're even. Happy B-Day!
B: Happy B-day!
I guess you've got to be a twin (or we're just weird) because DH didn't get this...he just laughs (in a horrified manner). So thanks for the B-day present brother and sis! You "picked" out just what a wanted!
I've never tried Knitpicks Palette yarn. It is fingering weight, so I wanted to try it, but it may be a little scratchy, but for the price I wanted to see what it was like! Oh and I love the purplish gloss yarn! So much to little time!
The other package.....

an unexpected thank you from Starbucks! I have one of their credit's how I feed my habit. See they give you rewards in terms of a Starbucks gift card that they automatically load for you. I rarely pay for Starbucks (so expensive), but I love it. So it is my special treat with my rewards. Anyway...I guess they had some issues 2 weeks back where you couldn't access your rewards (I didn't notice) but they sent my 1lb of coffee for the inconvenience! I can't complain!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I have a confession to make (which I had forgotten to tell all my dear blog friends). In yesterdays comments the general consensus was that the STR would have plenty of yarn to make a pair of socks, so no need to worry unless the socks are really large. (hahaha) Well, have you noticed most of the socks I've made aren't modelled? Well that is because they weren't for me and I have a very large foot.....I suppose it could be larger, but my mom and my prayers worked and my foot did stop growing at size 11 (men's 9). Don't worry, I'm tall too so the don't look that big. (at least that is what I tell myself) We PTL because finding shoes in stores would be even harder if my feet were any larger. As it is, when shoe shopping I find it best to go in and say....I'm looking for a black pump with short heel bring me what you have. If I'm lucky I'll have 3 shoes to try on. Designers are starting to make it easier, but .....I've thought someone out there should design shoes for "plus size" feet. You know shoes designed on size 6 blown up to 11 don't always look proportional, because they don't always blow up the buckle size as well. Anyway, if you've gone shoe shopping with me you would understand. Now my mom always said they were a good foundation. I hold no animosity towards my feet, I've just learned to deal with them! So when making socks for myself (as I definitely want to do with the STR) I have to consider my "special" circumstances! Often I can make the cuff a little shorter and be fine (which is probably what I'm going to do in this situation) Even when buying store made socks I have to buy "plus size." Yes they really call them that, and yes standard women's socks won't stay of my foot. Okay...enough about my feet! :)

I've joined my first swap! (recall my hesitations about joining the Pair-A-Month-Challenge) When I heard about it on ravelry I just couldn't resist! It is SECRET PRAYER SOCK SWAP II! You can sign up via the Christian Knitters and Crocheter's group. Here's how it works:
  • You get a secret partner
  • You knit them a pair of socks
  • and (the best part) they give you prayer requests and you pray for them while knitting the socks!
  • Someone does the same for you!

I think this is an awesome idea! I do it a lot when I knit anyway....especially if the project is for someone, I can't help thinking about them and praying for them! So I can't wait to get my partner and work on their socks and pray! (Last time they did this, someone got saved as a result! Talk about awesome!)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Last week I won a contest on Abigail's blog! ( I was commenter of the month) And look at the gorgeous yarn she sent me! It is Socks that Rock - Thistle colorway! and so yummy! I can't wait to try it out! I've never used this type of yarn before (in fact never even touched it) So to say I'm excited would be an understatement. Now this may be a naive questions, but I've only been making socks for under a year and have a limited yarn budget (mainly birthday and Christmas) Do I divide the large hank in to two equal balls, then make socks? If so how do you go about this without a scale? Or do you just wing it and do both socks from the same ball and hope not to run out? suggestions welcome!

Generous Abigail is having another contest this month....go check it out!

Look...she even made a cute little "button" for it!

On to some knitting content, though yarn definitely is the sock progress from this weekend (and yesterday)

I guess it looks about the same as last time, except that is the second sock! Yep, second sock! These socks are just flying off the needles! I appears they may be done by this weekend, so I can take a new project on the road with me when I go to KS (and get to teach my mom how to make socks!)

In the background you see evidence that this is indeed the second sock! Woohoo!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Giraffe updates!

Saturday morning started with a huge storm, but it dried out enough for us to go to Fest For All, BR's downtown arts and music festival. They had lots of fun vendors and we (DH, J, and A) had great fun looking around! and one of the first booths we say had some lovely giraffes! This one was huge (It was model to show how they made their animals out of hand knotted rope around a wire rim inside and was probably 6 feet tall!)

Then DH saw these little ones, and thought one just had to come home with me (isn't he sweet) We all know how much I love these silly creatures and I really like when I find an unusual one!

Also, I mentioned about a week ago a knitted giraffe sighting on ysolda's blog. I emailed the store she mentioned visiting, Ariadne Knits, about if the pattern was available. She said they are working on it and it should be ready in a week or so!! Woohoo! She was even kind enough to offer to email me when the pattern is available. So I will let you all know when I hear! ( because I'm sure you will be just as excited as I am) Tomorrow I'll show you my weekend knitting!

Friday, May 2, 2008

May day fun!

Yesterday I casted on for my May socks and made great progress! (wish I could do that much every night) It was odd, having the pressure of April socks done and nothing on my needles! I hope to work on several projects here in May, including my alpaca sweater!

These are Waving Lace from Favorite socks! The yarn is Louet Gems in Terracotta. (I've made this pattern once before, so maybe that is why it is going so fast)

and how about a random story I haven't told you about because of the end of semester craziness: So last fall I won a teaching award that had prize money. I pondered long and hard how to spend the money. Yarn would be an obvious choice, but I was afraid in 10 years I wouldn't remember where the money had gone. Well then nice jewelry lasts, but I didn't really have anything in mind. Then I thought a trip! One of my best friends, M, I met in college(we did undergrad and masters together). Now she is working on a Phd in Economics--far away from me! One of our favorite profs which we think of as a dear friend too, moved to Seattle area. So we (M and I) are going to fly out to Seattle to visit with him! It will be a super trip and great to reconnect with such dear friends. We worked hard to find tickets that would get us there at about the same time (from our respective homes) and were reasonably priced and it turns out we are on the EXACT same flight from Dallas to Seattle!! We even got our seats arranged so we are next to each other. (and we didn't realize we were on the same flight until after the tickets were purchased) Talk about a blessing! Needless to say, I can't wait for June 30th!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

That was close!

So finishing my socks 20 minutes before bedtime the night they were "due" whew! glad they got done. See as much as I like knitting I realize that it could take over my life. So I have some rules: (I guess right there that means I have a problem)
  1. it never comes before school (or to school for that matter--I would never get any work done),
  2. it never comes before church, or
  3. I can't lose sleep due to knitting
  4. the housework can't get too neglected....must have clean clothes and not be mortified if an unannounced visitor comes by.

I started my May socks today. I don't want to push it this time (and I don't think I'll have to with some serious travel time coming up--13 hours in a car=lots of knitting time) More details on that later, because first you need details on the ones just finished!

So here they are: details of April Socks (see pics in previous post):

Pattern: Old Navy socks by Abigail!
Yarn: Knit picks Risata in Navy (2 balls)
Needles: (hmmm, forgot to check the size, I think they are US1--the larger 1's if you want me to double check just let me know) Knitpicks Harmony DPN
Made for: ???? I'm not telling

Modifications: So when turning the heel on the first row I only P18 instead of 19. For whatever reason that is what made it work for me. And last night as I was doing the second toe I realized I didn't decrease enough. I decreased until there were 8 stitch on each needle instead of 8 on top and 8 on bottom. So since I made the mistake the first time I just went with it the second :)

Yarn thoughts: This was the first time I had used this yarn. It is the best cotton sock yarn I've used (but I haven't sampled a whole bunch) I still had some give in it. The twist is a little different, but it didn't pose any problems for me. The dark color on the other hand was a little challenging to see the stitches (and makes photographing hard, sorry for the bad pics)

New skills learned: Cabling without a needle--not sure I will ever go back! (Thanks Abigail for writing a pattern that motivates one to learn this skill) and a new grafting technique that works for me (yeah!)