Thursday, May 8, 2008


Yesterday I got two packages (I love getting mail)! But I was only expecting one! Here is my lovely knitpicks order!

(Had to get sock yarn to teach mom--always a good excuse) and the rest is some early birthday presents from B & A and DH. B & A = twin brother and sister-in-law. My DH laughed at my brother and I as we discussed our respective B-day presents:
B: Hey sis! do you know what you are getting me for my b-day?
L (me): Nope!
B: Well, I'm placing a book order Monday and there is this costs...I can order it all to save on shipping...
L: sounds super! do you know what you are getting me?
B: Nope!
L: Well, I'm placing this yarn order. Do you want to put the same amount towards my yarn?
B: Sure!
L: Okay, we're even. Happy B-Day!
B: Happy B-day!
I guess you've got to be a twin (or we're just weird) because DH didn't get this...he just laughs (in a horrified manner). So thanks for the B-day present brother and sis! You "picked" out just what a wanted!
I've never tried Knitpicks Palette yarn. It is fingering weight, so I wanted to try it, but it may be a little scratchy, but for the price I wanted to see what it was like! Oh and I love the purplish gloss yarn! So much to little time!
The other package.....

an unexpected thank you from Starbucks! I have one of their credit's how I feed my habit. See they give you rewards in terms of a Starbucks gift card that they automatically load for you. I rarely pay for Starbucks (so expensive), but I love it. So it is my special treat with my rewards. Anyway...I guess they had some issues 2 weeks back where you couldn't access your rewards (I didn't notice) but they sent my 1lb of coffee for the inconvenience! I can't complain!


Davene McBride said...

The yarn looks beautiful! I'm getting very excited about seeing you and knitting together. Last night at Bunco I showed Aunt J the socks you made me (she didn't understand my excitement at knitting with you until she saw them). Love you!

Wool Winder said...

I thought your conversation with your brother was funny. Nice presents he picked out for you!

Abigail said...

Happy Birthday to you. Have fun with your yarn.

Faith said...

I totally get the b-day story. I think that is so cool!

We have a Starbucks within walking distance. Fortunately for me, I don't drink a lot of coffee, but can't resist going up for a double (or quad) espresso now and then.