Thursday, August 12, 2010

New beginnings!

I think I'm finally ready to re-enter my blog world again. As you know, I haven't been really blogging for a year. (I had a degree to finish and a job to find and wanted no excuses and fewer distractions) I have missed my dear friends that I met here! Now I've struggled with coming back.
I've changed in the last year. I find it hard to describe, but I have grown and changed so much in the last year that I've struggled with what to do here. I want to keep it "my place" and want to feel comfortable being me (whoever that is). So here I am!

I successfully defended my dissertation and graduated (all praise to God!) I'm very thankful to have a tenure-track job (and DH has part-time teaching too), even close to home and back in Kansas! God made the decisions very clear and we are thankful for His faithfulness. Our prayer now if for a tenure-track job for DH as well.
Knox if finally adjusting (after a month!) Just in the last week she has found her toys and enjoyed playing in a bigger home!
I have missed my knitting friends greatly, but have found where the local knitters meet and am going for the first time tonight! I must admit....I'm nervous....wondering if they will like my knitting.....I know it will all be fine and I'm just being silly! So here goes....I have my project and am ready to go!