Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hardest Part

I find the hardest part of blogging to be remembering to take pictures!  I get busy in the morning and then the light is bad in the instead of seeing progress....and trust me there has been will see the rest of my NM purchases.

My one impulse buy....Bo Peep's sock yarn...I think I would call it a sport weight, but it should be fun!

Cascade Yarns Heritage Sock Yarn....this looks fun and I've been dreaming of just the right pattern!

Well it was Easter, and I don't have a darning egg (not that I've needed one) but now I'm prepared and have some extra cedar protection to boot!  Okay that is it!  Now I think I'm on a yarn/fiber diet....not a strict one because those never work, but I need to use what I have!  Does any one else have this problem?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Good News/Bad News!

  1. Good News: Thursday DH and I went and picked blackberries on the levee with friends from the math dept!  We had a wonderful time!  Bad News:  I ate too much blackberry pie this weekend!  YUM!
  2. Bad News:  The first sock is almost done!  It doesn't fit!  I knew it...I really did, but I was having a Yarn Harlot moment! The two other times I made these socks they would have fit...guess I should have used bigger needles!  Good News:  My mom likes the socks and now I know what to get her for Mother's day!
  3. Bad News:  Remember how I lost my scarf in Scotland, yep the one I made the matching hat for?  Good News:  Replacements are well on the way.  Hat done!  Scarf started!

Pattern:  Sideways Grande Clouche from Boutique Knits!
Yarn: 200 yards, 4 ounces of handspun Merino.
Needles: US 10, 9, 8, 7
Mods: None!

I absolutely fell in love with this hat when I saw it on ravelry and had to make one.  My lovely SIL (and brother) bought me the book on our recent trip to NM for the rest of my B-day present (early).  There are lots of patterns I want to make on it, but this one came first!  It is knit completely flat and the "cable" is just two strips twisted and sew down over the seam.  Very clever and easy for someone just comfortable with the basics.  

ps. I was hard getting a good picture of the side of the hat by myself!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Socks

The other night I needed a good project to work at knit night and cast on another pair of Waving Lace socks from Favorite Socks.  (I know...I've made two other pairs of these, but none for me)  It is an enjoyable pattern and I'm loving making them!

I picked up some new needles on my Kollage Yarns.  They are SQUARE!!  Supposedly they are supposed to be more ergonomically friendly.  I can't speak to that yet, but so far so good....I'll keep you posted!

Wish I could stay and chat more, but somebody has to solve my math problems :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More pics!

So I mentioned to DH that he should guest blog about this stuff....but well he didn't seem too excited, so I will do my best and show some of the highlights!

Here is a pic from the Rio Grand Gorge Bridge.  Breathtaking!  I got car sick shortly after this, so I don't know what the other pics were of, but we had fun!

Here we (brother, me, SIL) are huddling before catching the train to Santa Fe.  It turned out to be a little colder than we anticipated!  (especially to DH and I)  

DH and brother went to the top of the Sandia Mountains!  Here is a pic overlooking Albuquerque!

I'm not sure what the significance of this theater is, but DH specifically wanted to go to see, so it much mean something.

Before we left, we ate here with SIL on her lunch break.  What character and great food!  and we decided the twins (brother and I) walk at a much different pace than our spouses, who where forever ahead of us :)  we got a good chuckle!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fiber Parade!

So there is just too much to share to make it in one Spring Break trip to Albuquerque (Part 1).  I really should have DH help with some of the landscape pics because he pays so much better attention to that stuff than I do!

So the real reason for the visit my twin brother and my SIL! (and the best part was seeing them!)

Do we look like twins?

So on Day 1....we drove to DH could visit "the map store."  He had fun and looked for a long time, which gave me the opportunity to peruse La lana Wools!!!!  Almost all the yarn in the store was handspun and I came away with 8 ounces of lovely Romney roving! Yum! (Brother went with me while DH continued to shop at his store) :)

I am jealous of all the fiber arts stuff so close to my brother and SIL....but it does make for good presents :)

Speaking of presents....on Day 2 we rode the train to Santa Fe and my SIL and I got to spend some much needed time together!  We had great fun and she bought my B-day present for me (a little early) part of it is 6 ounces of this lovely wool fiber!  It came form The Looking Glass Yarn & Gifts.  A lovely store that was so friendly!  The color just spoke to me!  What a nice pop of sunshine!  (She has a pic of me knitting on the train....I will share it with you when I get it...hint, hint)  I got some other goodies there too, but that is another post!

On Day 4 we finally spent some time in Albuquerque....bowling no less, quite fun too! and visited Village Wools!  This store was overwhelming and wonderful all at the same time.  I picked up some Border Leicester fiber there....I think this will be great for socks!  Too many choices but so much fun!

So tomorrow I will show you the gorgeous landscapes we saw....and maybe the yarn I got too!  I was a super trip...even though I was sick most of time, we all had fun....played Settlers (I love that game!), celebrated Easter, hung out, what could be better?

Love you guys and miss you!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Whew!  That felt close!  But by 11:00 pm on Saturday it was finished and getting washed.  We had a sweet shower on Sunday after church and the new mom seemed really happy!  In fact, as she left (to go visit Henry) she took the blanket with her and said she was going to put it on Henry right then!  I know making it reminded me to pray for him a lot and it is so encouraging to hear he is doing well.  As soon as his feeding is normalized (ie-all from the bottle) he can go home!  

Pattern:  Simple basket weave pattern with seed stitch border (6 stitches and 10 rows for one block)
Needles: Size 4 (I think)
Yarn:  Bernat Softee in white
sorry for the bad pics....but that was the only chance they could be taken :)
Tomorrow: My trip to Albuquerque!  (lot of fiber to share) :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Crunch time

I have so much to show you from my trip, but....Henry's blanket must be finished by Sunday!!!  So once it is done I will update you!  Thank you for joining me in prayer!  He is doing great and will be coming home much sooner than originally expected!  Yeah God!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Are you tired of seeing yarn?

Another day of spinning show and tell!  (I know....I know....I just get started and can't stop.  I've been staying up late just to see what it will look like plyed)  And to give you a time frame, this was spun last Tuesday!

This is some mystery fiber that came with my wheel.  I must say it spun up wonderfully though...and is my most consistent work to date.

I did a 3 ply...I like the smoothness I get with a 3 ply versus a 2 ply.  The two skeins are about 5 ounces and 262 yards.  (So I think in the end I will have 7-8 oz and 400 yards)  I have just a little more to ply and will have a full third skein.  I love watching how the colors of the fiber mix when you spin.  I guess I should have taken a pic of the fiber before starting....I'll try to be better next time!

I must admit....the grey makes me think of you mom!  

Friday, April 10, 2009

Yummy Merino!

Remember this?

8.9 ounces of yummy merino from my brother and sister in law for Christmas (My SIL has such good taste!) and I'm enjoying their company right now!!

It was a dream to spin!  It is a 3 ply yarn.  I was going for something a little thicker and I am pleased with the result!

So we have 8.9 oz, 383 yards in a 3 ply yarn!  (the pic of the fiber is the most accurate colorwise)  You know what I've discovered?  I can spin yarn faster than I can use it!  Talk about scary....Must knit faster!  or spin slower I guess :)  I still find spinning so magical.  You start with fluff and get yarn, but it isn't finished there.....still full of potential and waiting to be made into something.   Too much fun!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

More fiber fun

This fiber and I didn't get along for a while!  It is 100% alpaca and well at the first half of it was challenging.  The fiber kept getting away from me!  So it went in time out!

After going to my fast flyer....I tried again.  Much better.  In fact it just flew off the wheel!
4 oz
272 yards

Now all the spinning WIP (works in progress) are done and I can guilt free start a new project.  :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Break fun

The "to do" list is complete for the day....woohoo...except for a little packing later....yep another trip....this time to see my dear brother and sister in law!!!  no math involved!!  

I have some spinning to show you....I hoped you won't be bored over the next few days because there is a LOT of fiber to show off!

About a week ago I graduated to the fast flyer on my wheel...this means that twist goes into the fiber quicker....yesterday I was on the fastest setting I have and still waiting for the twist....crazy huh!  Who would of thought that I would think about getting the very fast flyer?

This is what I call the never ending brown fiber!  My first two skeins from Lindy were this fiber (it came with my wheel) and here are 3 more.  Unfortunately the first two skeins are a little thicker, but I still think I can make it work.  Let's see...these three skeins are 6.8 oz and 690 yards.

I have 5 oz and 400 yards from the earlier I think if I alternate rows (or just do two different projects) I should be in good shape...maybe a vest? who knows? by the way, does handspun count as stash?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Baby Henry!

It is Spring Break!!! oh how lovely to spend the day sipping coffee, reading a Grace Livingston Hill novel from the library, watching Sherlock Holmes movies with DH, knitting and spinning with Lindy!  and that doesn't even mention knit night tonight!  Don't get me wrong, I like what I do, but a really break is wonderful too!  

On the knitting needles is a baby blanket....

...for little Henry.   I lady started coming to our church right about when I got back from Scotland.  I really haven't had much of a chance to visit with her, and then we got news that she had her baby.  He is a premie being born just over 3 lbs, but seems to be hanging in there and doing okay.   The ladies of the church are throwing her a surprise shower the Sunday after Easter.  I know this little guy needs prayer and when I knit I pray.  So this baby blanket was quickly cast on!

My prayer for Henry....Lord may this little guy grow up to know you and know how precious he is to you.  Lord strengthen his body and protect his developement.  Lord show us how to reach out to this new mom to show her your love and share the gospel.  Lord, we know no one is worthy to stand in your presence, we have been separating from you by our sin.  Thank you for sending a savior, Jesus, to pay the debt of our sins making us able to stand before you blameless.  Lord it is a love we don't deserve, but are so thankful for.  May Henry grow to learn this, so he to can be a part of your family!  Amen.