Monday, September 28, 2009

Baby Blanket #2....Done!

This blanket was actually done well before the other! I've discovered that I really do prefer crocheting baby blankets. I think in the future I will stick to that, unless it is for that cute giraffe blanket I just posted about yesterday! :)
Pattern: Snuggle Up by Terry Kimbrough
Yarn: Pound of Love
Hook: I
Mods: None (all her patterns are well written) I think this just might be my favorite blanket pattern to make. When I picked the pattern and yarn I didn't know if it would be a boy or girl (though looking at the finished product, I'm glad it is going to a little would have been okay for a boy....others on ravelry have changed the border a little bit if it is for a boy and that works well too IMHO)
I'm almost ready to send some packages off for these bundles of joy....almost! :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Giraffe Baby Blanket

I got this really sweet email from Linda of Little Piggy Patterns alerting me to a giraffe blanket she has for sale! and you all know how I love a good giraffe pattern, so I had to share with you all (and everyone who finds my blog looking for giraffe patterns....and there are quite a few)
Too bad I've already finished the blankets on my to do list, but I think I may have to make it soon for my "hope chest." I'll be adding a link on the sidebar, but couldn't help highlighting such an adorable pattern!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Baby Blanket #1....Done!

This blanket is ready to go off to its new owner! I really liked the pattern, but knitting a blanket is not for the faint of heart! Thank you for cheering me on the finish line.
Pattern: Bernat Baby Coordinates Chunky Cables Blanket by Bernat Design Studio
Yarn: Pound of Love, antique white
Needles: US 10
Mods: None...I did 6 repeats. It wasn't as long as the pattern suggested, but I thought it was pretty square. I probably should have done 7, but you live and learn!
Sorry the blog has grown so quiet....being on the job market and finishing a phd sometimes just doesn't leave me much time, or in the mood, to be a good blogger. I do have a couple more things to show you in the near future, so don't worry!

Monday, September 14, 2009

An old FO, but a new scarf

Boy last week felt intense? why? not really sure, but now I feel better. Had my virtual meeting with my advisor this morning (it went well---thanks for asking) and now my stress level feels better. (Not to say that I don't have a lot to do for next weeks meeting, but this afternoon I'm enjoying the relief!) Now on to knitting/crocheting:

This scarf I finished right before I left for Scotland (yep...way back in July) and it didn't get blocked until a few weeks ago....I'm afraid it doesn't realize how much I love it.....
Pattern: Scaruffle (from Knitter's Book of Yarn)
Yarn: discontinued Alpaga yarn (100 % alpaca in a sport weight) from my grandma :) not sure how much because I used some partial balls, maybe 100g?
Needles: US 4 and 10
Mods: None.

I really liked the construction of this....the increases are really only on one row and those well placed increases and larger needles creates the ruffle effect. (okay a few short row too, but nothing major) It isn't a large scarf, but a nice little ruffle to peak out of a light and I have to decide if I need a matching hat of some sort? I have the yarn....hmmm.

Baby Blanket update: The crocheted one is done....just need to weave in end and block! The knitted (cabled one) coming along!

ps-the formatting is way off.....oh blogger....what am I going to do with you!

Friday, September 11, 2009

More blankets

Thanks for all your encouragement to keep going on blanket #1.  In the process I started blanket #2 (I needed something that felt faster)  It will be done in no time!
This picture is a day or two old and now I have less than 3 rows on the border left!  So hopefully this weekend it will be done.  This has been a fun project (and it has nice little scallops on the border that I find really sweet, can't wait to finish and show you those) and it is nice having some natural "guide posts."  When you get the center done....I feel like I've made tons of progress, then just the border.  Then I know I only have 12 more rounds to go vs my current knitting pattern.....go until 36 inches then you are done.  Maybe that is why I like knitting socks?  Do the leg...yeah....heel....yeah...gusset....yeah...foot....yeah....toes (or reverse) but those little achievements motivate me.  I always think I can do the next little step.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Take two!

Woohoo!  Pictures loaded!  So today is just a WIP progress report!  
Baby Blanket:  Coming along nicely, but a little slow going....16 inches as of this morning.  I've been mainly knitting on it in the morning which explains the slowness, but I get tired of it too so I have done other knitting at night.
and the first sock is done!  I'm so happy with it!  It sits of my "legs" awaiting its mate for a final picture (and for me to admire as I walk by)

I do have some other projects to talk about, but they will have to wait for tomorrow.  Lots of math to do (which is going well) but I need to sort some of it get off the computer :)  Have a super day!

ps...the new blogger formatting thing doesn't have my spell check button....oh no what will I do?  Please excuse the mispellings and if you know where the button is in the new format please let me know!  Thanks!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

photo issues

I finally got some pics ready to show you and sat down to post and blogger isn't liking my pictures!  grrrr!  I will try again later!  Just wanted you to know I tried and really want to share with you all!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Yarn diet!

Remember how I said I was going on a yarn diet after my trip to Scotland? (except for baby yarn....because there is none in the stash and there are babies to knit for) So I needed to share how well I'm doing. I almost cheated.....did you catch the almost? Saturday night, after a blissful day of spinning, I saw Wollemeise available at The Loopy Ewe. People go crazy for this yarn (sock yarn) absolutely crazy and I saw 13 colorways available.....they always sell out within a few hours.....if they last that long. I almost gave in.....but I have no guilt and am happy to report I have no Wollemeise. I don't know if it would live up to the hype, but the diet is going strong at the moment! Just thought you should know. :)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Of course...

....I'm knitting socks too! Can I ever not have a pair of socks on the needles? This is another pattern from Wendy Johnson's "Socks From the Toe Up." Love this book, if I haven't mentioned that before.
So far so good. Not the fastest pattern out there with cables and twisted stitches and all, but I'm loving these socks! and they have a heel flap! Yep! there it is!
A very different construction compared with top down heel flaps, but ends up the same! I just trusted Wendy and followed the directions to a t and they worked. I'm going to pay attention on the next sock to see how to modify it to be a deeper and my big feet prefer that...but I think that shouldn't be too hard! Enjoy the weekend! I'm off for some spinning fun Saturday and relaxing!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

More baby knitting!

I'm not quite sure why school has seemed so stressful this week. It isn't like I'm taking tons of classes or teaching, but my routine has changed. I do best with a routine, I need it, it makes me happy. I'm still sorting out my routine right now. I guess it doesn't help that parking is crazy (no one is skipping classes will settle down in a couple of weeks)!
Here is some cuteness from the weekend. Knox climbed into DH's old a gym smells....she didn't mind. She slept most of the afternoon there....occasionally getting up, stretching, and repositioning!
Here is my progress on the first baby blanket! I'm loving it, although it is slow going! I set up a rav page if you want more details. Oh and in case you are interested....I made a web page for myself last week (a necessity when going on the academic job market) you can view it here if you like!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Yikes it's been awhile!

I didn't mean to disappear from blogland again, but I am trying to get my priorities straight. You know, like why should I blog if I am not taking care of my family (cooking, cleaning) or so exhausted I don't want to go to Bible study let alone daily quiet time, or just out of check with the world I live in.

But I think I've gotten some balance! Things are good at home and my new office at school! Math is progressing, so now the blogging. Don't worry I have been is a must for relaxation! I think I mentioned that I have some serious baby knitting to do (two maybe three different babies to knit for....not my own....just don't want rumors starting)
Pattern: Ribbed Baby Jacket by Debbie Bliss
Yarn: Cottonease (1 skein!)
Needles: US 8
Mods: Well the ribbing is supposed to be a little longer (3 cm more) but I ran out of yarn and thought it looked fine shorter so I just called it done. I made a simple crochet loop for the button instead of a snap!
I don't know if this is going to a girl or boy....but I thought it was a fun gender neutral color. Not the standard green/yellow but not blue enough to have to be on a boy :)
and then the perfect button! This is going to a friend....she knows me so well and knows my love of giraffes so I thought it would make her smile!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

K1 Yarn Trunk show

While in Glasgow I had the great treat of visiting a trunk show at the local yarn store K1 Yarns! The knitting goddess came to showcase her gorgeous hand dying!! She was a sweetie too! Needless to say....all my birthday money is gone....and I'm on a yarn diet! (Except for some baby knitting which there is no yarn in the stash to accommodate.....not for me, but some dear friends)
100% silk, 4-ply....I think a heavy lace weight...700m....violets!
Sock yarn (BFL superwash) in pinks!
Sock yarn (BFL superwash) in sweetpea
100% cashmere, 25g of lace weight, 350m, in Scottish Thistle! (a nice souvenir!)
and there is more to show you....not from the trunk show, but regular merchandise from the LYS! :)

ps-today I feel human! Jet lag is finally going away. Allergies are causing me a little problem, but I can deal with that! So now I need to get to work!

Monday, August 10, 2009

No SSS Here!

In math world "SSS" is a test to see if two triangles are congruent (could the be stacked on each other and match up exactly). The SSS test says if the sides of two triangles measure the same then the triangles are congruent---Side-Side-Side.

In knitting world "SSS" means Single Sock Syndrome. A condition where knitters only knit one sock and fail to complete the other sock in a timely fashion if at all!

When I first started making socks I perceived this could be an area of weakness for me....and I knew the ever DH wouldn't be happy if he found out about it. And for the most part I have been disciplined and not let it happen.

But then there was the one sock I completed on my last trip to Scotland....that has sat lonely! and there was another socks that I had just finished and wasn't too eager to start the second one. So then I had to decide what knitting to take on my 3 week trip. Socks sound perfect...I could start a brand new pair!!!! Instead I took the singletons and made their matches. It wasn't excited, but it does feel good to have them done and now I can start a new pair guilt free.
Pattern: Leyburn by Mintyfresh (Socks #5)
Yarn: Lorna's Laces
Needles: US 1's dpn
Time: Mid February-Mid August :)
Mods: Yep....used more stitches (I think I had 69 around the foot) Then I increased as directed for the leg....I could tell I had too many stitches so I cheated and decreased a few stitches mid leg....which looks weird when you aren't wearing the socks, but who looks at them then.
I think part of the reason I had trouble finishing these is that they have short row heels and toes. They fit fine, but I don't enjoy making them that way. Now that I have Wendy Johnson's new book I know other ways and doubt I will do this construction again!

So on to the other pair (Socks #10) They are actually a test knit...and I really like them! I feel safe to post about them because she wanted us to make rav project pages! This was the first time I had done a test knit and it went well. I'm not totally sure I'm willing to do it many things I want to make, but occasionally I like to help out!
Pattern: Cloverleaf Cables (I'll link in rav when the pattern becomes available)
Yarn: Opal that I got on my first Scotland trip
Needles: US 1.5 magic loop
Size: Medium
Mods: None. I'm not sure why I didn't want to start the second one either....not the fastest knit with the cables and all but I enjoyed it!
On a personal note...Jetlag and I are at war. I'm so thankful that when I fly east I'm okay....I have work and limited time....but flying west....oh my. For the day when I want to sleep at night time, wake at day time, not have a roaring headache!! You would think after several days I would be fine....maybe it is because I thrive on routine and have always had very regular sleep patterns....who knows, but I'm okay from 6 am-9 am. After is a gamble. I'm going to try to work today (I tried Friday and fell asleep in the middle of it) and see how it goes.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Bicycle Ride

***warning: a little bit of a mathy post, with no fiber content...sorry...soon normal content will return***

So as I'm on the home stretch of visit #2 to Scotland (where my phd advisor now lives) I get to enjoy a "bike ride!"  Let me explain....

In mathematics (and most academic disciplines) there is a genealogy of sorts.  Your advisor is your parent so to speak.  Their advisor your grandparent.  Other students they advise your siblings.  So I am blessed to have an awesome advisor who happens to be a woman!  Not something I sought out, but cool none the less.  But it goes further I also have a mathematical grandma!  In a field very dominated by men in the past, I think this is rather cool!  

Saturday night my math mom told me the following about my mathematical grandma:  She says when she proves something, she always stops and goes on a bike ride to enjoy the moment.  She knows tomorrow there will be gaps to patch and new problems to solve, but she takes the time to savor the feeling of solving something with a bike ride. 

So at the end of this trip, I get a math bike ride!  Woohoo!  God has answered my prayers!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

9 years!

Dear Blog readers!

I know I've been remiss in updating you of my Scotland adventures....much of which include math, which few, if any, of you would be interested in.  I have knitting to share with you too, but that will have to wait for another day as well.

Today I am overwhelmed with joy and emotion.  Some of you I met last year when I told you "my story" (you can start reading it here) and it is one that still amazes me today.  9 years ago I was healed.  9 years ago, God heard my prayers and said my days were not over.  9 years ago I had brain surgery and God spared my life.  I am thankful for each day.  Thankful that I have another day to serve Him, another day to know Him more, another day to sing praises to Him!  Thank you Lord for saving me!  

July 26th is a day of great celebration in my life!  I remember the first year (in Seattle at an REU....math camp sort of thing),  the second as a newlywed, another in Nebraska with friends at another math camp thing and this year in Scotland, going to a church that I wish I had subtitles for the sermon :) but never the less felt it was a time of praise and rejoicing.

This year has been tough for me spiritually.  I am not entirely sure why.  9 years ago, God became so real to me, my faith was tested and I clung to God with all I had.  I knew that was my only chance.  The last year God has been quiet to me and I have been discouraged in ways I couldn't have fathomed.  I have realized that I wasn't clinging to Him like I had in that past and I earnestly desired to seek His face and be close to Him again and yet he felt so distant.  I know He is faithful and in the last month I have been so encouraged.  God has not abandoned me!  I want to know Him.  I don't want to be complacent in my faith or simply relive what God did years ago. (though it is a testimony I am so grateful to have)  I want that closeness with Him always.  I am so thankful God has made that possible!

Thank you for letting me share....I'm not convinced that my words have done justice to what is in my heart, but I trust you will see the truth.  Leave me a comment about what God has or is doing in your life!  We have much to rejoice about!

Leah :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Family Fun!

We had the great pleasure of a visit from my younger brother this past weekend!  (good thing he graduated so we could give him his present of a trip to BR!)

We went to the beach! (Pass Christian)

The boys built sand castles...I sat under the umbrella reading and sleeping!  So peaceful except when brother started throwing things at me :)

Then to New Orleans to show him the sights!

The boys also went on a swamp tour and saw this!  Overall a super trip!  Full of good memories!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Last minute present done!

I thought I had plenty of time to make this blanket....for a great grandbaby of a friend at church...until I got the shower invitation!  Unfortunately I will miss the shower (leaving for Scotland again this week) and wanted the present done before I left.  

Pattern: Tiramisu (free)
Hook: H 
Yarn:  Bernat Baby Softee (1.4 skeins white) and a little pink
Mods: none
I decided to crochet this because it goes faster....and with one week to make it that was important.  I also thought it could be a stash buster, because I had the white in my stash.  I ran out and went to get another skein....they were out of white, hence the pink border!  (I did reduce the stash some with this, but not as much as I hoped) I think it works though and is ready in plenty of time!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Socks #9 finished!

I'm so excited to show you my first pair of socks made from my own handspun!   They were so fun to make from start to finish!

So Knox had to help with the photo shoot :)

I tried toe up socks again (after getting Wendy's book) and am so glad I did!  These are super....with a gusset and they are nice and high because I saw I had plenty of yarn!

Pattern: Labyrinth Socks from "Socks from the toe up" by Wendy Johnson!
Needles: US 2 and 2.5 (for the leg) dpn
Yarn: Handspun Targhee 360 yards, sport weight
Mods: I used Judy's magic cast on for the toes and a sewn bind-off.  Did 6 repeats of the chart...oh and for the last pattern row I left out one little part of the pattern because it really is setting things up for the next row and I thought would look like a floating yarn over.

and for the spinners....I had seen where you could buy these spinner control cards to help you spin the size you seemed like such a quick visual check, especially since I haven't gotten fingering weight yarn yet.  (They retail for $15) Then on ravelry I saw where someone had made one we could print off for free!  I got it laminated, so for less the $2 I'm good to go!  Do you want one too?  Go here!  (It is a ravelry link, I couldn't find any other!)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Update on Cloche!

SIL and Lily modeling her hat!  So very cute!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Another Cloche

This post has been waiting for the mail to reach my SIL!   She bought me Boutique Knits for my b-day and fell in love with this hat too!  So as a special thank you (for several favors she has done) I made her one!

She said she was going to send pics....but I haven't gotten them yet....will update when I do because I have a feeling this hat will look much better on her!  (which she loves by the way and it goes with all her coats as I hoped it would!)

Pattern: Sideways Grande Cloche from Boutique Knits
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk Aran (very soft)
Needles: US 7, 8, 9, 10
Mods:  None

Random update:  Remember Henry?  the baby born very early?  We saw him in church the other day and he is doing great!  Up to over 11 pounds!  Praise the Lord!  Thanks to all who joined me in prayer for this little one!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More socks on the needles

Earlier this spring I embarked on my first toe up socks (the Anastasia Socks)  they were okay....but I honestly don't enjoy the process of short row toes and heels....they fit my foot okay, but I don't look forward to making them.

But I haven't given up on toe up!  (haha)  maybe because the idea of not running out of yarn is so very appealing.  So I ordered Wendy's new book...Socks from the toe up....and it is amazing!  
She talks about so many different ways to do toes and heels....these are toes with Judy's magic cast on and a gusset heel...yep a gusset!  It was easy and enjoyable!  I'm totally rethinking toe up!

I'm loving watching my handspun become socks!  (this is the Targhee!)  and it has such a long leg because I still had yarn :)  oh and as someone mentioned on the last post....yep these are on dpn!  Even though I wrote magic loop tutorials (and still get lots of blog hits for them) dpn are my comfort knitting.  Some projects seem better for magic loop and then I will go for it, but in general I reach for my lovely harmony dpn!  

Socks #8 finished!

We had an awesome day at the beach this weekend....I didn't take pics.....instead read, napped, swam, watched DH build sand castles.  It was such a nice reprieve!   Of course it did slow my knitting down a little bit, but it was totally worth it!

I love how things transform with blocking....socks don't always get a blocking, but these softened up so much and smoothed out!  I'm quite pleased!

Pattern:  Flame Wave socks from Favorite socks (one of my favorite books)
Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Supersock DK (now you know why these went so fast!) in potluck purple
Size:  I made the larger size with 56 stitches
Needles:  US 3 and US 2.5 dpn
Mods:  I did a round toe...they just fit my foot better and added two rows of single crochet around the top which solved the rolling issue (plus a little blocking)  Some mentioned picking up stitches and knitting ribbing....I did consider this, but thought crocheting would be easier and would keep the scalloped edge in tact, plus if the crocheting didn't work it would be easy to take out and pick up the stitches!  Overall I'm pleased!  Now it just needs to cool off enough to wear them!  

Friday, June 26, 2009

Flame Wave Socks

These are in progress and are a nice quick knit in DK weight yarn :) (Another pattern from Favorite Socks)  Can't say how much I like that book)

This pattern has some issues though...

See how it rolls at the top!  It is even worse on a foot!  If doing these again I would do a couple of rows of garter stitch....since I was in serious denial about the amount of roll going on, I'm going to do a couple of crochet rows and see if that fixes it!

I couldn't resist sharing this picture with you!  The other day when I was studying I hear Knox rummaging in my backpack.  I finally get up to make sure she isn't taring it up and find that she has wedged herself inside.  Guess she really wants an education too!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Crochet Fun!

A dear friend of mine is getting married next month....and I wanted to make her something for her new home.  So I thought some little doilies would be perfect!

I made these four...and am going to wrap these with a ribbon and send them on their way!  I decided to make them all different, I thought that might be more fun!
Pattern: Classic Coasters to Crochet, Leisure Arts Leaflet 2611 by Terry Kimbrough
This was one of my favorite pics.....with one of my favorite wedding presents in the background.

My personal fav!  Maybe I need to whip up some of these for my own house....hmmmm, so much to make! :)

Oh, I almost forgot!  I got a huge complement on ravelry today....they wanted to feature two of my pics on a pattern page!  You can see them here (it was for a baby blanket made for my adviser's baby)  I must say I am quite honored!