Monday, September 14, 2009

An old FO, but a new scarf

Boy last week felt intense? why? not really sure, but now I feel better. Had my virtual meeting with my advisor this morning (it went well---thanks for asking) and now my stress level feels better. (Not to say that I don't have a lot to do for next weeks meeting, but this afternoon I'm enjoying the relief!) Now on to knitting/crocheting:

This scarf I finished right before I left for Scotland (yep...way back in July) and it didn't get blocked until a few weeks ago....I'm afraid it doesn't realize how much I love it.....
Pattern: Scaruffle (from Knitter's Book of Yarn)
Yarn: discontinued Alpaga yarn (100 % alpaca in a sport weight) from my grandma :) not sure how much because I used some partial balls, maybe 100g?
Needles: US 4 and 10
Mods: None.

I really liked the construction of this....the increases are really only on one row and those well placed increases and larger needles creates the ruffle effect. (okay a few short row too, but nothing major) It isn't a large scarf, but a nice little ruffle to peak out of a light and I have to decide if I need a matching hat of some sort? I have the yarn....hmmm.

Baby Blanket update: The crocheted one is done....just need to weave in end and block! The knitted (cabled one) coming along!

ps-the formatting is way off.....oh blogger....what am I going to do with you!


Stacy said...

It looks gorgeous!!

Daisy said...

That looks great - like it was fun to knit and really useful too.

Suzanne said...

That scarf is beautiful!! Might have to try that one, I like the way it ruffles. Thanks for you sweet comments regarding Alex!! My knitting is stalled, as I have a severly sprained finger. Hazard of wrestling with children who are now bigger than you! :)

Keowdie said...

Cute scarf! You'll have to show us a picture of you wearing your fancy new scarf this winter!

nck said...

Hanging there doesn't begin to do justice to your scarf. This is definitely one I need to add to my ever expanding "to do" list. You did a great job. It is lovely!