Thursday, September 10, 2009

Take two!

Woohoo!  Pictures loaded!  So today is just a WIP progress report!  
Baby Blanket:  Coming along nicely, but a little slow going....16 inches as of this morning.  I've been mainly knitting on it in the morning which explains the slowness, but I get tired of it too so I have done other knitting at night.
and the first sock is done!  I'm so happy with it!  It sits of my "legs" awaiting its mate for a final picture (and for me to admire as I walk by)

I do have some other projects to talk about, but they will have to wait for tomorrow.  Lots of math to do (which is going well) but I need to sort some of it get off the computer :)  Have a super day!

ps...the new blogger formatting thing doesn't have my spell check button....oh no what will I do?  Please excuse the mispellings and if you know where the button is in the new format please let me know!  Thanks!


Wool Winder said...

Did you switch over to a new Blogger format? I still have spell check button on the format I'm using. However, I use Firefox for my browser and it automatically checks my spelling as I type.

Keep going on the blanket. You'll get to the end eventually. I think it's gorgeous.

Stacy said...

LOVE the blanket. So pretty!!

I haven't been knitting much...I need to re-engage.

Bea said...

Love the blanket.

Judy S. said...

That's going to be a pretty blanket, Leah. What a big project!

Keowdie said...

Leah, I love the texture on that blanket. It's looking lovely.

And I know I've said it before, but I have to say it again. YOUR LEGS ALWAYS MAKE ME SMILE!In fact, a chuckle every time you post a picture of them! So funny (and clever!)

Anonymous said...

I really like those cables on the baby blanket. Very pretty!