Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More socks on the needles

Earlier this spring I embarked on my first toe up socks (the Anastasia Socks)  they were okay....but I honestly don't enjoy the process of short row toes and heels....they fit my foot okay, but I don't look forward to making them.

But I haven't given up on toe up!  (haha)  maybe because the idea of not running out of yarn is so very appealing.  So I ordered Wendy's new book...Socks from the toe up....and it is amazing!  
She talks about so many different ways to do toes and heels....these are toes with Judy's magic cast on and a gusset heel...yep a gusset!  It was easy and enjoyable!  I'm totally rethinking toe up!

I'm loving watching my handspun become socks!  (this is the Targhee!)  and it has such a long leg because I still had yarn :)  oh and as someone mentioned on the last post....yep these are on dpn!  Even though I wrote magic loop tutorials (and still get lots of blog hits for them) dpn are my comfort knitting.  Some projects seem better for magic loop and then I will go for it, but in general I reach for my lovely harmony dpn!  

Socks #8 finished!

We had an awesome day at the beach this weekend....I didn't take pics.....instead read, napped, swam, watched DH build sand castles.  It was such a nice reprieve!   Of course it did slow my knitting down a little bit, but it was totally worth it!

I love how things transform with blocking....socks don't always get a blocking, but these softened up so much and smoothed out!  I'm quite pleased!

Pattern:  Flame Wave socks from Favorite socks (one of my favorite books)
Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Supersock DK (now you know why these went so fast!) in potluck purple
Size:  I made the larger size with 56 stitches
Needles:  US 3 and US 2.5 dpn
Mods:  I did a round toe...they just fit my foot better and added two rows of single crochet around the top which solved the rolling issue (plus a little blocking)  Some mentioned picking up stitches and knitting ribbing....I did consider this, but thought crocheting would be easier and would keep the scalloped edge in tact, plus if the crocheting didn't work it would be easy to take out and pick up the stitches!  Overall I'm pleased!  Now it just needs to cool off enough to wear them!  

Friday, June 26, 2009

Flame Wave Socks

These are in progress and are a nice quick knit in DK weight yarn :) (Another pattern from Favorite Socks)  Can't say how much I like that book)

This pattern has some issues though...

See how it rolls at the top!  It is even worse on a foot!  If doing these again I would do a couple of rows of garter stitch....since I was in serious denial about the amount of roll going on, I'm going to do a couple of crochet rows and see if that fixes it!

I couldn't resist sharing this picture with you!  The other day when I was studying I hear Knox rummaging in my backpack.  I finally get up to make sure she isn't taring it up and find that she has wedged herself inside.  Guess she really wants an education too!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Crochet Fun!

A dear friend of mine is getting married next month....and I wanted to make her something for her new home.  So I thought some little doilies would be perfect!

I made these four...and am going to wrap these with a ribbon and send them on their way!  I decided to make them all different, I thought that might be more fun!
Pattern: Classic Coasters to Crochet, Leisure Arts Leaflet 2611 by Terry Kimbrough
This was one of my favorite pics.....with one of my favorite wedding presents in the background.

My personal fav!  Maybe I need to whip up some of these for my own house....hmmmm, so much to make! :)

Oh, I almost forgot!  I got a huge complement on ravelry today....they wanted to feature two of my pics on a pattern page!  You can see them here (it was for a baby blanket made for my adviser's baby)  I must say I am quite honored!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Socks #7 finished!

After one false start on these socks I'm done and happy with the results!  Plus the feet can model a complete pair now (mom found them at an antique store for those of you who asked and I didn't have a way to answer you back!)

Pattern:  Embossed leaves from Favorite socks
Yarn: Happy feet (won on Tienne's blog)  This is the first time I've used this yarn and am happy so far.  It knit well and the fabric it created feels nice.  Now to see how they wear!
Needles: US 1.5
Mods:  I added an extra pearl stitch between all the leaf patterns to bring the stitch count up to 68...which works perfect for me!

It has been a fun week here....DH and I celebrated anniversary #7, boy does time fly! .... Knox (the cat) got fleas for the first time....and tomorrow I get to babysit! (I'm quite excited about that actually....enjoying others cute babies for awhile is always fun!)

Monday, June 15, 2009

I've been busy...

...spinning, knitting, doing math, but not blogging :(  So there is lots to catch you up on!   Today I will show you my spinning FO!  

8 oz of Romney (I think I showed you one skein earlier)
700 ish yards
3 ply, sport weight
Nice to work with, but quite a bit of VM (vegetable matter....little twigs to pick out)  It drafted so nice and easily!

Then the surprise....I was going for sport weight and got lace weight....go figure!  Still fun, just have to figure out what to do with it!

3.4 oz Merino/Silk blend
750 yards
2-ply lace weight
I actually had trouble drafting this a little....I think it had to do with the dye job (purchase on etsy, both things I got weren't the most fun to work with although quite lovely in the end)  Also we I "set the twist" (gave the yarn a bath) it turned my sink purple so much dye ran out.

Now my weekend fun!  I dear knitting friend brought me back a treat from NM, where she got to meet my brother and SIL!

4 oz Targhee
360 yards
3-ply, sport weight
This was a dream to spin!  It is so sproingy!  (I know it isn't a word, but you get the idea)  I was aiming for sock yarn (so lots of twist) and it is a little thick for fingering weight, but perfect sport weight yarn!  The colors are so fun, I can't wait to cast on!  Next time maybe I'll get fingering weight.  (I get sport or lace...go figure!)

Last week I also had a cotton spinning lesson, so hopefully tomorrow I will share with you what I learned!  Lastly I've been taking some of my own advise....while I've never been a great cleaner (keeping the house clean that is) I've been a slacker of late.  I used to spend Friday afternoon or Saturday morning....couple hours...clean house (it is just DH and I and the cat after all)  But I haven't wanted to do that.  So now, taking advise I've given to others, but failed to do....I set the timer for 15 minutes....everyday....and clean until it goes off.  2 weeks later....clean house that stays maintained.  I love it! (and two dresser drawers reorganized too!)  Be warned: 15 minutes isn't long, you will want to keep going, but if I stop when the timer goes off then I'm still excited the next day to do it over again!  and there really are few tasks that can't be done in 15 minutes.  Granted I can't dust the whole house in 15 minutes, but I can do a room (or half a room at first....when there is lots of picking up to do too)  Enjoy the day!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Handspun Hat!

I've been having a case of startitis....wanting to start projects instead of finishing ones I've already started.   I guess to my defense, they are projects I've been wanting to make.  So yes, I've cast on for the matching green sock, but that twisted ribbing bores me every time! (and I still have to do the second sock for the Leyburn socks...YIKES!...I think it is a good thing I don't have more sock knitting needles than I do, how would I ever finish?)

This hat out of Boutique Knits just jumped on and off the needles!  And I adore it!  The pattern is Argyle Lace Hat.  This is the second hat made from this book (thanks B&A!) and I'm eyeing a couple of more things too!

There is a little lace diamondish part next to the buttons, but the dark yarn/dark hair combo made that really hard to photograph, maybe in natural light with someone else taking the pics??   I think it was another interesting construction....most of the hat is knit flat...with real button holes.  This is a great hat to make for those who don't like working in the round.  You do eventually work in the round, but only for the decrease section at the top!

The yarn:  My own handspun merino.  It was chain plyed and definitely not the most even yarn I've spun, but it knit up great!  I followed the patterns suggestion of making your own buttons using fabric and love this option.  I often have had a lot of trouble finding buttons I like and this is a nice alternative!

I have enough yarn left over to make a little neckwarmer (or fingerless mitts)....I think I've something picked out, oh but I should work on those socks, or the sweater on the needles, or the baby gifts needed for friends....we'll see.  It all gets done eventually!

A word about fit:  I've now made two hats from this book and they both fit me perfectly!  Many on raverly complain about both hats I've made being too big....I do have a large head (no comments please) and also don't like anything tight on my head (a small side effect from brain surgery)  I've made no modifications to the size on either hat and because I'm happy with the fit, I would agree many would think they are too big.  Just wanted to mention that in case you want to go off and make yourself one too!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

More socks

Well this is how much knitting I got done on my trip to KS....and I learned from my last pair of socks....so I tried it on!

too tight!  Frogged!  4 stitches added (one in each purl spot) and much better!

One done and modeled on my new feet!

Love the toe that extends the leaf motif!

Before cropping and turning...

...cropped and turned...maybe I should make it look like it is standing on something! :)  Thanks pops!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fiber Twins!

Saturday was a most delightful day as my fiber twin (aka....spinning teacher N) and I celebrated our birthdays (a day early) with a spinning, dyeing, knitting party!  Such great friends came out to celebrate!

There were lots of lendrums for spinning....

....and knitters....

....and 3 dye pots.  One each of orelopsis, annatto, and black walnut hulls!

Never having dyed anything, this was a fun adventure, but N knows a ton about natural dyeing so I learned a lot!  

Did I mention there was cake too!  What a perfect day....and I ended up transforming this....

....to this! (I'm thinking a 3-ply yarn with each color being one of the plies?)

***specials thanks to A for having a camera that day, letting me take pics, and then remembering to email them to me too! :)