Monday, June 8, 2009

Handspun Hat!

I've been having a case of startitis....wanting to start projects instead of finishing ones I've already started.   I guess to my defense, they are projects I've been wanting to make.  So yes, I've cast on for the matching green sock, but that twisted ribbing bores me every time! (and I still have to do the second sock for the Leyburn socks...YIKES!...I think it is a good thing I don't have more sock knitting needles than I do, how would I ever finish?)

This hat out of Boutique Knits just jumped on and off the needles!  And I adore it!  The pattern is Argyle Lace Hat.  This is the second hat made from this book (thanks B&A!) and I'm eyeing a couple of more things too!

There is a little lace diamondish part next to the buttons, but the dark yarn/dark hair combo made that really hard to photograph, maybe in natural light with someone else taking the pics??   I think it was another interesting construction....most of the hat is knit flat...with real button holes.  This is a great hat to make for those who don't like working in the round.  You do eventually work in the round, but only for the decrease section at the top!

The yarn:  My own handspun merino.  It was chain plyed and definitely not the most even yarn I've spun, but it knit up great!  I followed the patterns suggestion of making your own buttons using fabric and love this option.  I often have had a lot of trouble finding buttons I like and this is a nice alternative!

I have enough yarn left over to make a little neckwarmer (or fingerless mitts)....I think I've something picked out, oh but I should work on those socks, or the sweater on the needles, or the baby gifts needed for friends....we'll see.  It all gets done eventually!

A word about fit:  I've now made two hats from this book and they both fit me perfectly!  Many on raverly complain about both hats I've made being too big....I do have a large head (no comments please) and also don't like anything tight on my head (a small side effect from brain surgery)  I've made no modifications to the size on either hat and because I'm happy with the fit, I would agree many would think they are too big.  Just wanted to mention that in case you want to go off and make yourself one too!


Stacy said...

Love it with the buttons... super cute on you too!

Bea said...

That hat is so cute on you! Good luck with the socks!

Robin said...

I'm right there with you on the twisted knit ribbing. The hat looks great ~ and it must be very satisfying knitting with your handspun.

Suzanne said...

Love the hat, and you look soooo cute in it!! Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog, I do appreciate it.
P.S. Missed the green socks...awesome!! Still wish I could learn the way you do them, seems so fast. I'll have to spend some serious time with your great tutorial!!

Davene McBride said...

You look adorable in that hat!
Love you, Mom

Keowdie said...

Cute hat!

And I would like to suggest that perhaps the hats fit you so well is not because of a big-head issue, but
because of a poofy-hair issue. My head is not gargantuan in size, but I prefer a slightly roomy fit for my current hair style, which can be a little poofy. There's no reason to squash one's locks under a hat when a larger size will do!

me said...

what a fun hat!!! love the buttons too!