Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Making progress

My commissioned work is coming along nicely!   The yarn used previously is discontinued and the choices available in sport weight in the needed colors were very limited.  I'm hoping to get approval for the colors this week.

So far so good and it is going quickly!  You knit the leg flat and then do the foot on dpn!  It is nice that it doesn't get repetitive...always something new!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Show and Tell

Remember this roving that I bought a few months back?

Lindy had fun this weekend making this:

Here are the singles before plying.  I had never spun color before.  It was fascinating watching the colors blend and wondering what it would look like in the end.

Here is the skein....4 oz....100% Merino...444yds...prebath!

And some close ups!


Monday, November 24, 2008

I've been meaning to show you... last week (yes last week) at knit night look what I got: 

My very own ravelry button to display my "name" at knit night.  It really helps because we all go by different names on ravelry....okay if you're a knitter and not on ravelry go sign up is!  Also a Bob pin!  Too cute! These were gifts from a very generous lady at knit night who also gave me a ride home so DH didn't have to come back out to get me!  Knitters are good folk!

The baby bootees found there new home! and I are the only ones who think they look weird by the mismatchness!  Oh well, they are off to their new home where I was reassured that no one would mind that they don't match.  (note to self: don't use self striping yarn on bootees unless you can get them to match)

So this week I'm cheating...I scheduling posts so that I can post more....I have plenty to say....the work week is getting hopefully this works!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Moving Day

Yesterday turned into moving day.....moving offices that is.  Now I'm comfortable moved in with a more normal office mate and hopeful the office will be less stressful and drama filled.

In knitting news...I've started some fingerless gloves bases on the knitty pattern Broad Street Mittens.  Some modifications will definitely mitten flap and no closed thumb but that should be an easy mod.  I started this weekend and was in serious denial.  I kept thinking they were too small but kept knitting.  Finally I stopped and faced facts!

They were a little snug on me and the recipient (who isn't here to try them on) has bigger hands than I do.  So I've added stitches (hopefully not too many...although I'm a little worried about that) and am progressing!

Now that the ribbing is done they should move a little faster!

Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm an addict!

As is what Lindy and I've been up to!  Here are the bobbins full of singles!

They kept multiplying....6 in all (maybe I need more bobbins...who would have thought!)

Then I plied them!  Here is some of the yarn wrapped on the niddy noddy (this pics is for those who don't know what a niddy noddy is...I was right with you a few months ago...but they are handy little things)
and a close up!

So the 6 bobbins turned into 6 skeins of yummy yarn!

This is in the prewashed state.  Now the yarn is drying all over my apartment :)

a close up!  It is 70% Shetland, 30% Mohair...710 yds.....14.7 ounces of yarn!  I think it turned out fairly uniform too!

This is my favorite pic with Lindy in the background.   (shhhh...this yarn is a Christmas present for a dear friend....shhhhh don't tell)

Friday, November 14, 2008

FO Friday!

Dear blog friends....I feel I owe you an explanation for my quietness this week.  School/work got a little overwhelming this week so something had to the blog was quiet. I think things are better now!   I so enjoy blogging and sharing what I'm working on with you encourage me, inspire me, and welcome me to your world with such open arms.  But I also chose not to feel guilty if the blogging doesn't without further ado let me tell you about what I've been working on!

Needles: US 8
Yarn: 4 oz of handspun done on my spindle! about 350yds...color: Cocoa
Mods:  I didn't end on the row they told me to, but it worked out just fine.
Made for:  Mamie (DH's grandma)

The ladies at knit night think I give too much of my knitting away, but I think that is half the fun.  Thinking about someone I don't see very often and making them something special so they can think about me in the year ahead.  Oh well, I'll do what I want!

Close up of the lace!

Back view!

Lindy and I are still doing well and we've been busy, look to see what we've been doing on Monday!  Enjoy the weekend, I know I will!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Introducing... I didn't go with any of the names I was thinking of....or any of the suggestions given....although I appreciate them all.....after some bonding is clear.....she is a 

Meaning: sweet or pretty!

Let me be the first to admit that I'm completely, hopelessly addicted to spinning!  It is so true!! Here are my first two skeins from Lindy!  

5 oz and about 400 yards!  (It looks a lot better than what I was able to do on my spindle!)
This is some of the fiber sent with the wheel that I just grabbed the first night to get going.  I'll have to look again to see what is all in it!  I plied it Sunday and gave it a bath.  Today it was finally dry!

So last night I spun this bobbins full of singles....I told you I'm addicted!  I was surprised that I'm getting faster....this took under 2 hours!
Don't worry, there is so knitting going on too!  My Old Shale Shawl is almost done, but showing unblocked lace is so uninspiring, so you'll have to wait!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Am I boring you?

Since I don't really want to bore you with pics of last nights spinning....well I can't resist!

The unnamed wheel and I are getting along brilliantly!  Okay enough about that....last week I agreed to my first commissioned knitting project!

I'm going to make a stocking like these.  A lady on campus sent out an email looking for a knitter.  Her mother made these stockings all the time (often as baby gifts) and had made them for the whole family too.  Her mother has now passed and she it not a knitter.  With the addition of a new daughter in law another stocking is needed!  I'm trying to match the discontinued yarn Patons Look at Me baby sport weight yarn.  Any suggestions?  I'm going shopping this weekend to see what I can find!  Have a super weekend!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


....well I don't really know yet! (It is a Lendrum DT Complete for those of you who are curious) Right now there are two contenders for a name (you are welcome to add more)
  1. Beatrix meaning bringer of joy.  I like this one and could even go with Trixi for short!
  2. Bessie (DH's in old Bessie)  I looked into the meaning and this name means "consecrated to God" or "my God is abundance"  I like that too and in one sense if DH is going to call her that anyway...
  3. other suggestions? or opinions?
Now before you go giving DH a hard time realize he was the one who rearranged his schedule to be home to receive her from Fedex!

****please excuse the massive amount of pictures to follow...I'm just super excited!****

another angle-I was able to put her together by myself without any trouble (I did watch a how-to video online Tuesday night in preparation)

All the extra flier, plying head, diz(?), niddy noddy!  

More bobbins and a lazy kate (a real one not made out of a shoe box!)

a bag lady bag!  Very durable with lots of can even where it like a backpack!  Not sure how many places I will be taking my wheel, but it does fold down quite easily!
Look at the pretty print on the inside....and what is inside?
Tons and tons of fiber!!! Wow! how unexpected!  I heard it was coming with some fiber, but this is pounds and pounds of fiber (where will I put it all?....back in the bag for now....can't let DH think it will take up too much space!)
I quickly pulled out some fiber (couldn't even tell you what, except it was nice) and began spinning.  After a little practice I got to going pretty well!
I'm definitely glad I got the doubt treadle (2 feet instead of 1) I find it much easier to get a rhythm going!
My spinning teacher/enabler N had shown me a trick she had learned when I spun at her house a few weeks back.  To put a piece of velcro on your wheel to hold your yarn when you stop.  I promptly added velcro to mine last night (after I realized what a pain it is without the velcro)  So I guess that makes it mine!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

How did that rumor start?

Yesterday in the comments it seems that someone, who will remain nameless, started a rumor about me making handspun yarn for all of you.  Now trust me I wish that were possible, but I do have to finish a degree in this lifetime!!!  (maybe...after the first of the year....I'll have a contest....with a prize....maybe some handspun yarn....what do you think?)

Wheel update: It is on the truck coming to my house!!! DH graciously rearranged his schedule so he could be home for most of the day to sign for it (thank you dear!) so hopefully....

Today I'm also going to participate in "Whisker's on Wednesday."  KSee always has such cute pics on Wednesdays and I caught a few of Knox this week so I thought I would share!

Who knew a brown bag could be so much fun?

And just the right size?

In response to my most recent is the chart I followed.  (I've posted it on my ravelry project page too!)

The dots in the cable mean you purl that stitch when crossing the stitches.  I had a hard time telling which ones had a dot in the original pattern.  Still have questions about this pattern?  Ask away!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Old Shale

First off....I voted, did you?  whatever your opinion, please go vote!  We are so blessed to live in a country where we have the right to voice our opinions!  (The lines weren't so bad at my polling place)

With the socks finished a new project was needed!  I started Evelyn Clark's Old Shale Lace Triangle Shawl (it is published in Spinoff...which one of my knitting friends gave me)
The pattern is really simple but well suited for handspun yarn and interesting enough to not be boring!  Yes I'm using my second skein of handspun on the project.  It looks super, but as with all lace the true transformation will come with the blocking.  I'm just going to knit until I run out of yarn and then call it good!  Hopefully it will be big enough.

Knox wanted to help take the picture!  :)  She has been so cuddly since the weather turned cooler and I'm enjoying every minute of it!   Spinning wheel update:  Fedex says it will be here tomorrow!!! Talk about fast.  I must hurry and get all these Christmas projects finished!!!  I got a good suggestion on a name for my spinning wheel yesterday and I'm definitely mulling it over. 

Monday, November 3, 2008

Socks are Done!

These socks were super quick to knit and I couldn't be happier!  They are a nice compromise of plain sock and pattern :)  

Here are the details:
Pattern: Here is a ravelry link to Rovasiras-sukat
Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill in Island Red
Needles: US 2 Magic Loop (2 at a time)
Size: Women's 9
Made for: SIL
Modifications:  I did a round toe (now one of my favs) instead of the toe in the pattern.  I also did 3 pattern repeats on the leg instead of 2 which just seemed to short to me.  I had a few difficulties with the chart at first but once I figured that out it was smooth sailing.

Spinning wheel update:  It is getting shipped today!!!  Now I've been informed that it is tradition to name your spinning wheel.  So I've got my thinking cap on!  Nothing is really standing out right now, but....maybe once it is here it will scream a name?

Hope you like them sis!!!