Monday, November 3, 2008

Socks are Done!

These socks were super quick to knit and I couldn't be happier!  They are a nice compromise of plain sock and pattern :)  

Here are the details:
Pattern: Here is a ravelry link to Rovasiras-sukat
Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill in Island Red
Needles: US 2 Magic Loop (2 at a time)
Size: Women's 9
Made for: SIL
Modifications:  I did a round toe (now one of my favs) instead of the toe in the pattern.  I also did 3 pattern repeats on the leg instead of 2 which just seemed to short to me.  I had a few difficulties with the chart at first but once I figured that out it was smooth sailing.

Spinning wheel update:  It is getting shipped today!!!  Now I've been informed that it is tradition to name your spinning wheel.  So I've got my thinking cap on!  Nothing is really standing out right now, but....maybe once it is here it will scream a name?

Hope you like them sis!!!


Stacy said...

They look wonderful.... and with my cold feet right about now, they seem especially beautiful!

Abigail said...

Great pattern. I think I'll try it.

As for the wheel trust God - he will help you find the right name.

Lovs2Knit said...

The new socks look great. You'll think of a name for your wheel. I started thinking about it before I bought mine but didn't come up with a name until I had it put together. :)

Amber said...

Like them? I LOVE them!!! Thank you!! It's torture having to wait until Christmas. :)

We watched the movie Miss Potter this weekend (about childrens' literary, Beatrix Potter.) Beatrix means bringer of joy - which seems appropriate for that is what your wheel will be doing!

Just a suggestion -- I'm sure you'll come up with the perfect name!

Marti said...

I like those a lot. Very classy!

kadezmom said...

Verra nice!

I'm hoping to start on your tutorial this week.

So much yarn, too lttle time.

Alicia said...

Those look great! I had to queue that pattern they are so nice!

Davene McBride said...

Nicely done! And as you've read, your sis will love them!
Love you! Mom
P.S. Can't wait to hear what you name her!

Jewel said...

Very cute socks, I've been looking for a new pattern Thanks!Congrat on the spinning wheel.

Wool Winder said...

Beautiful! Just wait until you wear them. Your feet will feel pampered by the CTH yarn.

Robin said...

Sophistocated socks!

Bea said...

Very pretty!

KSee said...

These are beautiful!

Oreste said...

Hello Leah, a salute from Rome. Ciao