Thursday, November 6, 2008


....well I don't really know yet! (It is a Lendrum DT Complete for those of you who are curious) Right now there are two contenders for a name (you are welcome to add more)
  1. Beatrix meaning bringer of joy.  I like this one and could even go with Trixi for short!
  2. Bessie (DH's in old Bessie)  I looked into the meaning and this name means "consecrated to God" or "my God is abundance"  I like that too and in one sense if DH is going to call her that anyway...
  3. other suggestions? or opinions?
Now before you go giving DH a hard time realize he was the one who rearranged his schedule to be home to receive her from Fedex!

****please excuse the massive amount of pictures to follow...I'm just super excited!****

another angle-I was able to put her together by myself without any trouble (I did watch a how-to video online Tuesday night in preparation)

All the extra flier, plying head, diz(?), niddy noddy!  

More bobbins and a lazy kate (a real one not made out of a shoe box!)

a bag lady bag!  Very durable with lots of can even where it like a backpack!  Not sure how many places I will be taking my wheel, but it does fold down quite easily!
Look at the pretty print on the inside....and what is inside?
Tons and tons of fiber!!! Wow! how unexpected!  I heard it was coming with some fiber, but this is pounds and pounds of fiber (where will I put it all?....back in the bag for now....can't let DH think it will take up too much space!)
I quickly pulled out some fiber (couldn't even tell you what, except it was nice) and began spinning.  After a little practice I got to going pretty well!
I'm definitely glad I got the doubt treadle (2 feet instead of 1) I find it much easier to get a rhythm going!
My spinning teacher/enabler N had shown me a trick she had learned when I spun at her house a few weeks back.  To put a piece of velcro on your wheel to hold your yarn when you stop.  I promptly added velcro to mine last night (after I realized what a pain it is without the velcro)  So I guess that makes it mine!


Stacy said...

WOOHOO!!! How exciting!! I like Bessie myself.

Rebecca Jo said...

How exciting!!!! I love that it comes with a "back pack" - so you can take it to dinner & pull it out while you're waiting for your food :-) wouldnt that be funny!

I like Beatrix - just because I like Trixie!!!! That's a cute name!

alh said...

That's really exciting. I'd go with Trixie myself.

Abigail said...

Yeah for you!

I think you should spin with her for a while and get aquainted first. When she is ready she will tell you what her name should be.

You simply can't rush such important things, trust me on this:D

Wool Winder said...

Congratulations! I didn't know about the Velcro trick. That's a good tip.

Either name is good.

kadezmom said...

Welcome to the world Trixie!!!

Jennifer said...

I think she looks like a Beatrix. Maybe Beatrix for formal and Bessie for short.)

I knew you'd find time last night to spin. How cool that you can take it to spinning retreats (it's just a matter of time before your at SOAR) and how nice that there was fiber to get you started.


KSee said...

Wow, how exciting. You sure got right on task spinning! I'm going to pass the velco tip onto my friend Carol. Bessie is a cow so really not a great name when spinning wool LOL. I like you first choice.

Bea said...

Lovely! Beatrix is good because of "Bea" hehe. But I think I like Bessie better.

I probably shouldn't say but my word verification is festered.

ashpags said...

Yay!!! I vote for Beatrix as well. =)

Alison Boon said...

She's beautiful, Bella would be my choice.

Robin said...

She looks like a Jennie to me. But the name needs to be perfect for you as you'll be spending many hours together!

trek said...

Abigail. Yes, definitely an Abigail. The very first name that popped into my head on seeing your picture.


Marti said...

Beatrix is what I would choose.

Anonymous said...

That is SO cool! I love the backpack idea too!

Katie (secret prayer/sock swop)

Charles said...

Congrts on the wheel.

I just recently ordered a wheel myself. Hope it might be at my LYS this week.