Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Trying something new this year!

You know I often don't post because I don't have pictures, but today I decided not to care! (maybe I'll do that more often)  Last year I was on a yarn diet.  Like all diets it went okay at best.  Don't take me wrong I did knit a lot of yarn that I had (in preparation for moving), but I still feel like I'm bursting at the seams. Granted my stash is small compared to many I've seen, but....I feel the need for less.  Perhaps to make shopping more fun and less guilt ridden.  Here's the plan:
  • 12 projects (socks, gloves, baby items, a sweater)
  • with 12 stash yarns
  • 12 months
First of all, I find it scary that I have that much yarn, but this will help to reduce things.  The goal is one a month (since that seems logical).  I don't think it will be all my knitting either, but it will be a considerable amount.

And just so you know.....1 project is done (some plain socks)  I'll show you a picture in a future post!  So are you trying to knit down your stash too?  

Monday, January 17, 2011

My gauge swatch LIED!

So I've started Tempest, a fun cardigan with some Christmas yarn (thanks Mom and Amber!)  My last sweater came out too big (more on that another day) so I dutifully worked a gauge swatch (a full 4in by 4in mind you).  Of course I didn't get gauge....so I went up 2 needle sizes and made ANOTHER gauge swatch.  I was still a little under so I went up a size.  I measured and remeasured!  I talked it over with another trusted knitter.  I was set!
 Everything seemed fine, but then it started to seem a little long....I kept trying to convince myself it was okay.  So after I finished the back I blocked it and measured.....way WAY too BIG!!!  It will be pretty when it is the right size and thankfully I found out after doing the back! 
 So with all that planning why oh why did this happen?  I measured the finished garment and my gauge didn't match the swatch!  I don't know if I changed? or if the weight of the bigger garment changed it somehow?
I'm going back to the smaller needles (same size) and going to see what happens.  Since planning didn't do me any good we're going to wing it.