Wednesday, November 5, 2008

How did that rumor start?

Yesterday in the comments it seems that someone, who will remain nameless, started a rumor about me making handspun yarn for all of you.  Now trust me I wish that were possible, but I do have to finish a degree in this lifetime!!!  (maybe...after the first of the year....I'll have a contest....with a prize....maybe some handspun yarn....what do you think?)

Wheel update: It is on the truck coming to my house!!! DH graciously rearranged his schedule so he could be home for most of the day to sign for it (thank you dear!) so hopefully....

Today I'm also going to participate in "Whisker's on Wednesday."  KSee always has such cute pics on Wednesdays and I caught a few of Knox this week so I thought I would share!

Who knew a brown bag could be so much fun?

And just the right size?

In response to my most recent is the chart I followed.  (I've posted it on my ravelry project page too!)

The dots in the cable mean you purl that stitch when crossing the stitches.  I had a hard time telling which ones had a dot in the original pattern.  Still have questions about this pattern?  Ask away!


Stacy said...

No home spun yarn for all? How sad!

I love the pics of Know.

Amber said...

Ben and I are looking to buy you an alpaca for Christmas. It will be a companion for Knox! You can keep him/her in the bathtub. Then you can spin EVERYONE yarn (hee.. hee)!!

Gunner was being a nut last night, playing in the clean sheets while we were making the guest bed for Mom Davene (she arrives tonight, yay!).

We look forward to pics of the new wheel and the naming ceremony. :)

kadezmom said...

I'm grinning. Whiskers did it!!!! What a great shot.

Have a great day!

Lovs2Knit said...

lol...guess I'll have to make my own handspun. ;)

Knox is so adorable. I really wished our allergies would tolerate another cat in the house. I miss my kitty.

My big tip for chart knitting when there are cables involved....a variety of color pens and highlighters. Highlighters are your friend. :)

Jennifer said...

Now who would start that rumor? :)

I am very excited for you to get your wheel today. It seems just a month ago you were dreaming...and here it is! Awesome.

Wool Winder said...

I'm reading this post the next day, so I suppose you already have you wheel up and spinning. Enjoy!

KSee said...

I do not get them often, the paper bags, but the cats always get it when I do. What a cutie.

Marti said...

Oh to bad about the yarn. But I don't care really, I will still read your blog!
Knox is toooo cute!