Monday, June 15, 2009

I've been busy...

...spinning, knitting, doing math, but not blogging :(  So there is lots to catch you up on!   Today I will show you my spinning FO!  

8 oz of Romney (I think I showed you one skein earlier)
700 ish yards
3 ply, sport weight
Nice to work with, but quite a bit of VM (vegetable matter....little twigs to pick out)  It drafted so nice and easily!

Then the surprise....I was going for sport weight and got lace weight....go figure!  Still fun, just have to figure out what to do with it!

3.4 oz Merino/Silk blend
750 yards
2-ply lace weight
I actually had trouble drafting this a little....I think it had to do with the dye job (purchase on etsy, both things I got weren't the most fun to work with although quite lovely in the end)  Also we I "set the twist" (gave the yarn a bath) it turned my sink purple so much dye ran out.

Now my weekend fun!  I dear knitting friend brought me back a treat from NM, where she got to meet my brother and SIL!

4 oz Targhee
360 yards
3-ply, sport weight
This was a dream to spin!  It is so sproingy!  (I know it isn't a word, but you get the idea)  I was aiming for sock yarn (so lots of twist) and it is a little thick for fingering weight, but perfect sport weight yarn!  The colors are so fun, I can't wait to cast on!  Next time maybe I'll get fingering weight.  (I get sport or lace...go figure!)

Last week I also had a cotton spinning lesson, so hopefully tomorrow I will share with you what I learned!  Lastly I've been taking some of my own advise....while I've never been a great cleaner (keeping the house clean that is) I've been a slacker of late.  I used to spend Friday afternoon or Saturday morning....couple hours...clean house (it is just DH and I and the cat after all)  But I haven't wanted to do that.  So now, taking advise I've given to others, but failed to do....I set the timer for 15 minutes....everyday....and clean until it goes off.  2 weeks later....clean house that stays maintained.  I love it! (and two dresser drawers reorganized too!)  Be warned: 15 minutes isn't long, you will want to keep going, but if I stop when the timer goes off then I'm still excited the next day to do it over again!  and there really are few tasks that can't be done in 15 minutes.  Granted I can't dust the whole house in 15 minutes, but I can do a room (or half a room at first....when there is lots of picking up to do too)  Enjoy the day!


Stacy said...

You have certainly been BUSY! Nice yarns.

Davene McBride said...

All of those turned out very nicely! I know you'll have fun with whatever knitting project they become.
Love you!

Trudy said...

It's all lovely, Leah! Nice to see you're happily keeping busy--that's always the most blessed way!

Robin said...

Thanks for the timer tip ~ I'm going to give that a try :) The spinning looks wonderful!

Amber said...

You are becoming the consummate spinner! It all looks beautiful, Leah!! Love ya!

Bea said...

Oh so pretty!

alh said...

wow you spun that targhee stuff fast! It looks great!