Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mom's first day!

Yesterday Mom had her first sock knitting day! See what great progress she made. The DPNs were a bit of a challenge for her (I forget how fiddly they are until you get used to them) But I think she did super! She says, eventually I will enjoy it! (right now it is a little stressful) We're going to do the ribbing for 1 inch, then switch to stockinette. (she is looking forward to that)

My sock went on the road!

sock with cat in the back seat

somewhere in the middle of Arkansas

I had these great plans of taking "sock pics" all along the trip...but then I forgot. So those were the ones I remembered. I had written down the pattern for the leg for the car ride (I packed the book) thinking there was no way I would get to the heel.....after I few hours I realized I had to pace myself or I would have many hours without knitting. So here is my progress! I will post more details in the near future!


Abigail said...

Congratulations to your Mom. Tell her that she too will become addicted. Ask me how I know this:D

Faith said...

Thanks for sharing your mom's sock progress. I'm sure she will learn to love making socks! Please, give her my congrats.