Monday, May 26, 2008

This and that!

I had a post all ready for yesterday except for the pics, but....DH is out of town and decided at the last minute to take my camera (it is small unlike his). When I went to take pics using his camera, I found the batteries dead! They are will come later, so this is a pictureless post :(

First of all we have some exciting giraffe updates....I realize that you all may not feel about giraffes as I do, but you get to humor me....Gertrude is available here! (this is the pattern I've been waiting and waiting to come out) I've got the pattern and now am trying to decide on the yarn! Woohoo! Go admire the cuteness of her!

Secondly, look what my SIL got me while in Kansas! Yes! it is a giraffe cookie cutter! What fun!
*okay, I know you can't look, no camera, but use your imagination, it is really cute!
In knitting news:
My socks are done! There was enough yarn (barely), and I sweated the whole second sock. Photos and full details when I can take pics, because how can you talk about a finished object without pics? So I did a standard toe (complete with grafting) for this sock. I guess I've never make socks for me with this toe. After trying it on, I think I've decided that the star toe is more comfy for me. What are your favorite toes?
Mom's knitting: One sock done and it fits like a glove! and several inches into the second! She reports that she is enjoy the second sock a lot more--I think she is finally relaxing about it! She will share pics next week (she is currently on vacation without Internet) Way to go Mom!

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Wool Winder said...

Welcome home! I also just returend from my trip--only gone four days, but there is still catching up to do.

Congrats to your mom on completing her sock. I'll be checking back later for the pictures of your sock and the giraffe cookie cutter.