Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I have a confession to make (which I had forgotten to tell all my dear blog friends). In yesterdays comments the general consensus was that the STR would have plenty of yarn to make a pair of socks, so no need to worry unless the socks are really large. (hahaha) Well, have you noticed most of the socks I've made aren't modelled? Well that is because they weren't for me and I have a very large foot.....I suppose it could be larger, but my mom and my prayers worked and my foot did stop growing at size 11 (men's 9). Don't worry, I'm tall too so the don't look that big. (at least that is what I tell myself) We PTL because finding shoes in stores would be even harder if my feet were any larger. As it is, when shoe shopping I find it best to go in and say....I'm looking for a black pump with short heel bring me what you have. If I'm lucky I'll have 3 shoes to try on. Designers are starting to make it easier, but .....I've thought someone out there should design shoes for "plus size" feet. You know shoes designed on size 6 blown up to 11 don't always look proportional, because they don't always blow up the buckle size as well. Anyway, if you've gone shoe shopping with me you would understand. Now my mom always said they were a good foundation. I hold no animosity towards my feet, I've just learned to deal with them! So when making socks for myself (as I definitely want to do with the STR) I have to consider my "special" circumstances! Often I can make the cuff a little shorter and be fine (which is probably what I'm going to do in this situation) Even when buying store made socks I have to buy "plus size." Yes they really call them that, and yes standard women's socks won't stay of my foot. Okay...enough about my feet! :)

I've joined my first swap! (recall my hesitations about joining the Pair-A-Month-Challenge) When I heard about it on ravelry I just couldn't resist! It is SECRET PRAYER SOCK SWAP II! You can sign up via the Christian Knitters and Crocheter's group. Here's how it works:
  • You get a secret partner
  • You knit them a pair of socks
  • and (the best part) they give you prayer requests and you pray for them while knitting the socks!
  • Someone does the same for you!

I think this is an awesome idea! I do it a lot when I knit anyway....especially if the project is for someone, I can't help thinking about them and praying for them! So I can't wait to get my partner and work on their socks and pray! (Last time they did this, someone got saved as a result! Talk about awesome!)


Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel better, my husband has mens US 10 feet and I can get a pair of socks for him out of one skein. :-)

Abigail said...

You might want to learn how to knit socks toe up until you have learned what your mileage is for you.

However, if I can get a pair of Knee Highs out of a 440 yard hank of yarn with small feet that you should be just fine, with large feet.

And thanks for the info on the sock swap. I am a sock swap "ho".

Davene McBride said...

You are fearfully and wonderfully made, my dear!(even your feet!)
Love you! Mom

Wool Winder said...

I'm agree with everyone else. My husband's shoe size is 12 and I usually have some yarn left over.