Monday, May 5, 2008

Giraffe updates!

Saturday morning started with a huge storm, but it dried out enough for us to go to Fest For All, BR's downtown arts and music festival. They had lots of fun vendors and we (DH, J, and A) had great fun looking around! and one of the first booths we say had some lovely giraffes! This one was huge (It was model to show how they made their animals out of hand knotted rope around a wire rim inside and was probably 6 feet tall!)

Then DH saw these little ones, and thought one just had to come home with me (isn't he sweet) We all know how much I love these silly creatures and I really like when I find an unusual one!

Also, I mentioned about a week ago a knitted giraffe sighting on ysolda's blog. I emailed the store she mentioned visiting, Ariadne Knits, about if the pattern was available. She said they are working on it and it should be ready in a week or so!! Woohoo! She was even kind enough to offer to email me when the pattern is available. So I will let you all know when I hear! ( because I'm sure you will be just as excited as I am) Tomorrow I'll show you my weekend knitting!


Anonymous said...

How thoughtful of DH. He sounds awesome!

Wool Winder said...

I've never seen that craft before. So neat the way they weave the rope around wire. A nice giraffe to add to your collection!