Thursday, May 1, 2008

That was close!

So finishing my socks 20 minutes before bedtime the night they were "due" whew! glad they got done. See as much as I like knitting I realize that it could take over my life. So I have some rules: (I guess right there that means I have a problem)
  1. it never comes before school (or to school for that matter--I would never get any work done),
  2. it never comes before church, or
  3. I can't lose sleep due to knitting
  4. the housework can't get too neglected....must have clean clothes and not be mortified if an unannounced visitor comes by.

I started my May socks today. I don't want to push it this time (and I don't think I'll have to with some serious travel time coming up--13 hours in a car=lots of knitting time) More details on that later, because first you need details on the ones just finished!

So here they are: details of April Socks (see pics in previous post):

Pattern: Old Navy socks by Abigail!
Yarn: Knit picks Risata in Navy (2 balls)
Needles: (hmmm, forgot to check the size, I think they are US1--the larger 1's if you want me to double check just let me know) Knitpicks Harmony DPN
Made for: ???? I'm not telling

Modifications: So when turning the heel on the first row I only P18 instead of 19. For whatever reason that is what made it work for me. And last night as I was doing the second toe I realized I didn't decrease enough. I decreased until there were 8 stitch on each needle instead of 8 on top and 8 on bottom. So since I made the mistake the first time I just went with it the second :)

Yarn thoughts: This was the first time I had used this yarn. It is the best cotton sock yarn I've used (but I haven't sampled a whole bunch) I still had some give in it. The twist is a little different, but it didn't pose any problems for me. The dark color on the other hand was a little challenging to see the stitches (and makes photographing hard, sorry for the bad pics)

New skills learned: Cabling without a needle--not sure I will ever go back! (Thanks Abigail for writing a pattern that motivates one to learn this skill) and a new grafting technique that works for me (yeah!)


Abigail said...

The socks are great and you are welcome dear friend.

I'm glad you learned a new skill.

Wool Winder said...

I like your knitting rules. I try to shut down my knitting by 9:00 PM, so my brain has time to unwind before bedtime. And, definitely no knitting after 10:00.