Friday, December 19, 2008

Catching up

It feels so good to be home!!!  Yesterday was busy with laundry, reimbursement forms, authorization forms for the next trip, church budget and finance meeting, and enjoying time with the cat!  She missed us and has since been very clingy and sweet!


Math: was very productive!  It was awesome to see my advisor again and we got to talk quite a bit.  I spent a lot of time talking with another grad student and while I've haven't proven anything else yet, I have new insights and a deeper understanding of my problem!  I figure that is enough details for you all, but if you want more I can talk about this stuff forever :)

Knitting:  I realized it would have to be super a plain sock was perfect!  This is using Austermann Step (has aloe in it)  the yarn is quite nice.  Nothing like cold Chicago to remind me that I need to knit more socks for myself!  I've also realized I can knit plain socks with fun yarn....solid yarn....not so much.  It was a good realization!

Sightseeing: So we ate lots of good pizza including a place where the St Valentine's Day Massacre happened!  Yum!  We made use of the great public transportation, so Sunday we went shopping down the Magnificent Mile....WOW!!! was so festive and amazing!  I wasn't feeling the best this day, so I don't remember exactly what all these buildings are so you will just have to enjoy the pics without the details! (DH probably knows, but he is off working)

This one I couldn't resist!  One of my favorite coffees....if only I had left room in my bag for souvenirs....why was I so practical?  It was fun window shopping though and smelling the coffee fumes!
There is no doubt we got in the Christmas spirit....the cold, the snow, the lights, but now we are back to air conditioning...and excited to be going to Kansas to spend Christmas in the cold!


Stacy said...

Oh, it sounds like you had a wonderful time! I'm glad....

The sock looks great!

ashpags said...

Wait a minute here...did you spend a week in Chicago and not go to a single yarn store? ;)

Even without that, it looks like it was a good trip - yay! Have fun in Kansas! =)

alh said...

Welcome back! I'm glad you had a good trip!

Bea said...

Sounds like a really good trip!

Jennifer said...

Oh yes, we have cold in Kansas for you! I hope you'll get to wear your socks while your here too!

Alison Boon said...

Sounds like just the thing. A warm Christmas just isn't quite the real deal is it?

Aunt Kathy said...

Air conditioning??? We have natural air conditioning... 16 degrees and 12" of snow. LOL

Robin said...

I knew that those soft heathery colors just had to be your Austermann Step even before reading your blog! Hope you love it as much as I do! (We don't miss living in The Windy City one bit, but it can be a fun place to visit!)

kadezmom said...

Wait, wait wait.

There's a lot here.

You can talk about math all you want...i won't understand a thing, but I grin and nod very very well.

Glad you had a good week in Chicago. Which pizza place was that? Kansas? Is that a trip or where you live? Sorry, Kansans, I've done your winters, and they are wintery, but it's your AUGUSTS that gain my pity.

Aren't wool socks the best? Since moving to Mn, they have become the cornerstone of my winter wardrobe. I don't leave home without them. I agree, easy socks with cool yarn is the way to go. I can do more intricate work on a sock, but why?? I just seem to like the funky-make-it-easy-on-me-stripe-yourself yarn.

I love the color way you are knitting. Tell me more about the aloe in the wool. I couldn't quite grasp it, so I haven't bought it yet. I haven't had the opportunity to fondle it yet.

hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Davene McBride said...

Oh Leah, you didn't tell me about the LaVazza store!!!! Love, Mom

Wool Winder said...

A plain sock is best with self-striping yarn. The color changes keep it interesting. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip and the cold weather. Merry Christmas!