Thursday, July 24, 2008

Christmas in July

When I got married and joined my DH's family there was concern over my Christmas stocking.  The kids in DH's family had granny square crocheted stockings that were clearly well loved over the years.  My MIL is not a crocheter and so there was serious concern that I wouldn't have a matching stocking (I don't recall who made the originals).  I looked at the stocking and thought...I could make that.  I searched for a pattern and none was found, so I just tried to mimic what I saw.  Anyway, I got my stocking done for the family before the next Christmas (mine isn't faded like the others, but it works)  I also thought it would be nice to make a set for our house!  I started them and hadn't finished them.

Recently, I found the almost finished stockings (just needed some seaming, edging, and weaving in of ends)  Of course that is my favorite part!   (must be why they were left unfinished)  I think they have been sitting undone for 4 years, but now they are finished and ready for Christmas 2008!!!

There are 14 granny squares seamed together and a row of double crochet at the top to neaten things up.  The heel and toe take a little thought to assemble correctly, but once I realized that the heel is made by sewing 2 edges of one square to 1 edge of the other is helped.  The yarn...Red Heart (red, white, and green)

My Story:

What did the Lord teach me during brain surgery? (what didn't He teach me?)

1. He is faithful!

2. He grew my faith and I got to live out my faith in a way I never had before!  I would say I no longer had my parents faith, but my own.

3.  We all have a testimony.  It may not always be dramatic in our eyes, but becoming one of His is huge in God's eyes.  We all can and should share how God has worked in our lives.

Recovery went well.  I went back to college after 3 weeks to start the fall semester (not sure how my mom let me go)  I felt fine, but looking back it took about 6 months for me to have energy and really be myself again.  I slept lots. (my body just needed to heal)  My grades suffered at first because I just couldn't remember things, but by the end of the semester my grades were up to their normal standards.  Who would have thought that after brain surgery I could go on to get a Phd?  God is so good.  His plans are perfect!   

So in all this, my boyfriend (of 2.5 years) saw more of the recovery than anyone else (he was at school with me).  From what I hear my personality was affected for awhile...I think a lot of that stemmed from being so tired.  I had always wondered how I could be sure who I was to marry.  It seemed such a daunting decision.  But he stuck through all the hard times and never left me!  He could have, there was no reason to stay.  We knew we loved each other, but....well.... many relationships don't last.....ours he is my Dear Husband (DH).

4.  I got confirmation about who to marry!   

5.  and so much more!


Turtle said...

what a good guy you found! the stockings look great! i remember my gram made some like those one year but no one knows where they went, sadly. Nice job!

Davene McBride said...

You definitely got a "keeper" in that DH of yours. You wonder how I could have let you go- faith in that same Lord! I love you so much, Mom

P.S. Great job on the stocking!

Jennifer said...

Crochet: These are neat. I think you will be the one to continue on the family tradition. You may need to start making some in reserves.

Your Story: What a great exercise to review God's work in your life. Thank you for continuing to share.

Stacy said...

I had the exact same stockings growing up!! No idea where they are now though.

ashpags said...

I wish I could click agree(1) on your Mom's comment - he does sound like a keeper! And those stockings are too cute...possible Show & Tell item? ;)

KJo said...

The stockings look great!

Wow, brain surgery and you still got a PHD. You and your family have amazing strength and faith in the Lord. Thank God for wonderful family and friends (and DHs-to-be;) ) What an amazing testimony the Lord gave you. Thank for sharing!
God bless you, Leah!

Awesome Mom said...

Your DH sounds like a great guy!

Those are pretty neat stockings. I am pondering knitting my own but will probably stick with our store bought ones for awhile yet as I have a lot of projects stewing in my mind.

Anonymous said...

The stockings look great!

Kat said...

Wow amazing how god works! God bless your mom and DH!! Stocking are terrific, I may try them. I made my family quilted ones which they took with them when they married and moved away.

MLE said...

Thank you for sharing your story. The stockings are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

The socks look really great. I need to knit some up for us this year. So that would be four so perhaps I should start soon. :)

Aunt Kathy said...

I love Christmas in July, Ok I just love Christmas anytime.

I am glad God showed you so many things through this testimony,

And you're not done yet. I know He has many more testimonies and blessing to come in your life.

Abigail said...

The stockings are so cute.

Definately keep that man. What a wonderful chapter in your life.