Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Seattle: Day 2 & 3

On Wednesday we visited the University of Washington ( I had spent a summer there in 2001 doing an REU)  It was fun to remember the good times I had there.  We ate some wonderful Indian food for lunch close to campus.
Then B had to do a little work, so we played ping-pong while he "worked." (Thanks brother for making sure I can play a little bit)

Then M and I saw this Nintendo sign and couldn't resist!   I remember my twin brother and I getting one of the original Nintendos for our b-day! 

And of course Microsoft...

On Thursday we went on a road trip to see Mt Rainier (we couldn't see her from Seattle while we were there....too hazy)

We took a few wrong turns, but definitely enjoyed the scenery!

Friday came too soon....home I went, but not without getting a great pic of Mt Rainier from the airplane!

M & B are both nonknitters :(  I had determined if I saw a yarn store I would go in (even if they looked at me crazily), but I wouldn't seek one out either.  I didn't see any :(


Wool Winder said...

I love the shot of Mt. Rainier from the air!

****** said...

I'm gonna swipe the pic of Mt Rainier for my album.. yours was a better shot than I was able to get. Cheers!