Monday, September 22, 2008

New Shoes!

My dear SIL and I have been virtually shopping together recently! Yes virtually shopping. Sending emails back in forth getting the others opinion, because we live so far apart :( She found some Dansko shoes that she thought would be perfect for showing off my handknit socks!

She was so right!!!! She found out what stores nearby me sold said shoes and after school on Friday I went and got these! They are very similar to what SIL had picked out (she has such good taste) Plus they were 50% off. (Otherwise I might have waited before getting them, but those clearance aisles do me in every time)

Now it just needs to cool off enough so that I can wear them!! I think they will go great with jeans or slacks! Plus they have such good arch support that I will be able to walk all over campus with out hurting my feet!

Now as much as Grace warned me that I really didn't want to know why my name was on the list, my curiosity got the better of me. Now I have to answer the same questions and provide my own mysterious list. If your name is on the list just know I love you and you really don't want to have to do this, so please don't ask for the list of questions!
1. Ashley
2. Abby
3. Ysolda
4. Bea
5. Grace
6. JP
7. Tracey
8. Robin
9. Stacey
10. Aunt Kathy
11. Jen
12. Abigail
13. Stephanie
14. Linda
15. ??
16. Nancy
17. Kaity
18. ??
19. Michelle
20. Tiffany
21. Ben
22. KJo
23. Scott
24. No one
25. Turtle
26. ??
27. Davene
28. Don't know what this means
29. DH
30. Okay now please don't ask, just comment on the cute shoes!


Davene McBride said...

The shoes are darling! Such a good choice and they'd look good with skirts too. :)
P.S. I'll get the low down on the mysterious questions when I see you in BR very soon!

Abigail said...

Excellent deal! You rock those shoes!!!

Jennifer said...

I love the deals you've been scoring. The shoes look wonderful with those socks! I need to find me some cute mules to go with some of my new socks too. Here's hoping that the fall sales will swing my way too.

Anonymous said...

The shoes are great!!! And what a great deal.

ashpags said...

Super cute shoes! They *are* perfect for hand-knit socks. =)

Susan said...

I especially love the last picture of the shoes. Cute!

Stacy said...

Okay, your SIL is fantastic!! I love people who offer shoe suggestions (and feed my desire for additional shoes!). And, they do show off your socks superbly!

Suzie said...

OMG I love those shoes! One of my friends wears (and sells) Dansko shoes and clogs, and I am really considering making a purchase soon!

Suzanne said...

Of course they're cute, but those awesome socks are even cuter!!! Love the color!

Debbie said...

Those are fantastic shoes! Hey, what brand are they...I want some too! :-)

Haha, your mysterious list made me giggle....

Bea said...

They are very cute shoes. I need to go find some of those. Good arch support will be much appreciated around here!

Anonymous said...

Cute shoes! And I'm going to pretend that isn't me on the list because it's probably not. Right? Because then I won't need to know what the questions are. I did see this on a different blog as well and didn't ask there either. :-)

Amber said...

Ah, dear SIL, you made my evening with this post! I can't wait to do some real-time shopping with you at Christmas (because we have a HOBO handbag to find on a budget!). P.S. I give in - can I have the q's?!

Alison Boon said...

Now you've got me guessing? Love the shoes.

Wool Winder said...

These shoes are perfect for showing off hand knit socks. Enjoy!

Lovs2Knit said...

Love the new shoes! I can never pass up a sale. :)

Robin said...

Um... ok this is me just commenting on the shoes (they are too cute!!!) and not asking for the questions because I'm going to trust you in that I really don't want the questions. Right? Right? Seriously cute shoes with seriously sweet socks! Muffle muppie mumpso miffle (that was NOT me asking for the questions!)

Grace said...

love the shoes and yes I can be just that!

nck said...

Oh, I hate being curious, but I am. Maybe in a few months, I'll casually ask about "that list you had". Will that count?

Love the shoes! and the socks are wonderful. Where do you find the time?