Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Socks, socks, and more socks!

First off.....I have internet at home....woohoo!!! 

So what has been on the needles......socks of course!
Here are my plain (knit night socks)  Remember I started these so I could talk, listen, and have fun at knit night and not mess up my project horribly.  Turns out they are good for low light hurricane knitting as well.  It is really fun watching the yarn make its pattern.  I'm almost to the toe (1/2 an inch more!)

Once I could see again....DH's Retro Rib socks are moving right along.  An inch more before the heel!

Don't worry I heard all your requests for more info about magic loop and magic loop two at a time.  I will definitely be going into more detail about both methods in the near future for those of you who showed interest!  (if you already know the method....you can chime in your two cents too!)

Speaking of knit night...we've decided traffic is too bad to make it tonight, yes we!  Fellow math grad student and knitter, Susan, is staying with me until her power is restored!  Yes she lives right next to campus and still is without power.  So we plan to have our own knitting party at home. (DH is away this week so it is nice to have human company too--sorry Knox!)   See she is enjoying the internet too!  (actually getting caught up on ravelry!)

Off to knit and make dinner....must make all the food DH doesn't like before he is back!  :) (DH--if you are reading, I sure do miss you!)


Robin said...

What a lovely self-striping pattern on those knit-night socks! (So very glad Ike is fizzling out and heading elsewhere so you all can get a breather.)

Alison Boon said...

Good to see you are safe and well albeit having to cope with the loss of power and such like. Parayers that everyone continues to stay safe. Love the socks, this is where those light up knitting needles might come in handy??

Kenyetta said...

Stay safe through all of this!
Love the socks and needle case! Saartje's are my fave too!

Jennifer said...

I'm glad things are getting back to normal. Living without internet is crazy. how did I ever live with out it? Love the socks.

Rebecca Jo said...

I love the cuff on your retro socks - very frilly looking! Beautiful!

And I haven't mastered the magic loop so I'll be waiting to see how you break it down! :-)

Wool Winder said...

We are a bit addicted to the Internet, aren't we? Plain socks are my favorite. I love to knit and not think about what I'm doing.

Marti said...

So glad you are safe and sound and back home with power.
I love the self designing socks! If I ever knit socks they will be simple stockinette.

Aunt Kathy said...

Yay power is restored.

Too funny about the food, I have another friend who's husband travels and she does the exact same thing. My husband will eat anything

ashpags said...

Hahaha good for y'all! =)