Monday, January 12, 2009

Finally back!

Wow!  I wouldn't call the last month Christmas break, instead Christmas travel.  It feels wonderful to be in my own home for a forth day in a row!!!!  I don't plan on scheduling 3 trips in a row again...that was a little much....Chicago...Kansas....Washington DC.  I have lots to share, so much so it is hard to know where to start.  I think I'll talk about DC for a couple of days and then KS, but I might change my mind.

I was in DC for a huge math meeting....6000 mathematicians in one place is always fun!  This year they even had a knitting circle!  Here is a pic of the festivities!

I got to catch up with a conference friend (someone I see at all these math conferences but rarely at any other time)  We chatted and worked on our respective crafts!  She cross stitched that night!

Here is my sock.  The first one is all done and the ribbing is just about done on the second.  It has turned cold here, which makes me want to hurry and finish for more warmth for my feet!

The meeting was good.  I caught up with lots of old friends and got to see our nation's capital for the first time!  (I'll show you pics of that tomorrow)  Now off for the first day of school.  (where did my break go???)


Wool Winder said...

My daughter is an English teacher. She says English conferences are really strange because everyone there is just like each other, even down to their style of dress.

Marti said...

good to see you back and blogging. I wondered where you were.

Aunt Kathy said...

Welcome home Leah... you were missed

Robin said...

Welcome back ~ missed you!

Stacy said...

How nice! I love the catching up with friends part of conferences. And, I adore DC!