Thursday, January 15, 2009

Random Highlights

If you are looking for the contest go here!  (Note: If you don't feel like guess or feel you have an unfair advantage to guess just leave a comment and you will be entered)

Wow is it hard catching up on all this blogging!  So many wonderful things happened and I want you all to know about all of for some random fun things keep reading!

A highlight from my trip to Kansas was meeting a blogging friend Jennifer!  We met in blogland only to discover that I grew up really close to her!  While home for Christmas my mom and I met Jennifer at a Starbucks for knitting fun!  It is wonderful when you meet new people and feel like old friends!

Kinda of weird to tell friends and family I'm going to meet an internet friend, but.... :)

This next part is for my dad....while he rarely comments he does read my blog (even with all the knitting content)  The hotel where the math conference was in DC served his favorite coffee (it's at the top of my list too)  Illy!  Yumm!  This pic is all for you dad!  Dad did make it for me a lot when I was home too and boy did I get spoiled.  Maybe I'll break down and buy some for myself too!

Finally, in the spirit of trying new things....I ate real sushi in DC! (as in raw fish, not just cooked things rolled up to look like sushi) One of my conference friends was a missionary in Japan for a few years before doing all this math stuff.  She was raving about a sushi place she had found....she said it was the best she had had outside of Japan....I wanted to visit with her....she promised to hold my hand and help introduce me to sushi....I went....we had was fine!  The texture was a little weird....but we ordered plenty of cooked things too, so I didn't go hungry and I got to try something new!


ashpags said...

Looks like fun! I fell in love with illy when I was studying in Italy - it was everywhere! I've got a can of regular espresso if you need a fix! Just let me know and I'll bring some to knit night. =)

Jennifer said...

I enjoyed our meet up! I've never heard of illy. I'd probably become an illy addict so that may be a good thing. :)

kadezmom said...

I'm proud of you, trying that sushi-stuff!!

I've never tried illy coffee. I may have to go hunt it down.

I, too, met an internet friend over the holidays while staying at my parents. yep. That is hard to explain.

Have a great afternoon!

Davene McBride said...

You are brave my dear- I don't know that I could try sushi but I'm glad you mustered up the courage and survived :)
Love you!

Anonymous said...

Yes I do read your Knitting blog and if I go to DC I will stay at the hotel that has ILLY coffee. As for the contest I will help everyone. I got the fingerless gloves. Pops

Stacy said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time both at home and in DC.

Chocolate said...

Did Jennifer make that sweater she was wearing? I can no longer drink coffee since the surgery, oh and I am positive I will NEVER try Sushi. LOL

Wool Winder said...

I'm glad you got to meet Jennifer. That coffee is new to me. I'll be looking for it now, though.

Lovs2Knit said...

I hope to one day meet some of my blog friends. :)
I'll be back later to take a crack at guessing for your contest.

Bea said...

Its so fun to meet up with internet friends! And good job with the sushi. I'm glad you had a fun trip. I'm trying hard to catch up on everyone's blogs after working so much.

Amber said...

I didn't realize you had never tried sushi! I bet you were ready to be home after all that traveling. Looks like Ben-hummy will be in DC for a 3 week period in Feb-March. Amo is not looking forward to being hummy-less for that long a period. :(

I was surprised to find that Ravelry makes you wait 2 days for an account? What's up with that!!?