Monday, June 23, 2008

FO and friend!

We have the great pleasure of having one of our dear friends, Steve, visit us!  He got here last night and leaves tomorrow morning, but we are blessed to see him!  I made him an apple pie in honor of his visit!
So what have I been knitting?  I showed you a preview the other day and here is the finished object (unblocked)
Blocking must wait until Steve leaves!  It is a Swallowtail shawl by Evelyn Clark!  Lynda recently completed one and it had been in my queue, so I excitedly casted on!  Now I'm ready to see it blocked!!


Wool Winder said...

Does it really knit up that quickly? Seems like you just started it last week. Can't wait to see it blocked.

lynda said...

Wow - that was quick! I can't wait to see it blocked- it's a beautiful soft color.

Amber said...

Now that's cool! Hope you keep it for yourself!! I could see getting great Christmas present mileage from this piece.

Davene McBride said...

Your pie is beautiful as usual and makes me want a piece! Beautiful shawl too!