Thursday, October 2, 2008

Making Progress

Yep, that is right there are now 5 dropped rows in my growing Clapotis. Right now I'm loving this knit. The yarn is lovely and so fun to watch the colors combine (it is really hard to get a photo that is true to color. I guess I need to take it outside sometime) At this point, very little thought is involved, which is what I need at the moment. Plus I can't wait to wear it. Everyday I put it up against my current out fit and will go with this too!

Thanks for all your encouragement about the wheel. Right now I know I would be having the same issues regardless of the wheel. You must move your foot constantly and forget about it....haha...easier said than done. Now when I just move my foot I'm good, but when I have to think about my hands/the yarn Yikes! The foot forgets to keep moving. I think it is training the muscles to do what they should that needs to happen so I can focus on the yarn. Now the great wheel operates on a different foot action involved and much more like the spindle. Now I just need to keep practicing!

Have a super day! I'll be making pictures illustrating my math work!


Stacy said...

I love it - the color is great! Okay, so I'm looking for a scarf to make for a friend for Christmas... should I jump on the Clapotis bandwagon or make Argosy from Knitty?

I think you'll get the hang of the wheel... I agree that it is muscle training.

Jennifer said...

You are making great progress! Lovely.

Wool Winder said...

Growing steadily and looking good!

Robin said...

How about having some music on while you spin? Then your feet can move to the music freeing your hands to draft the wool. I sometimes have music on and dance around the house while knitting. (Nothing too rowdy, mind you!)

Bea said...