Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I really couldn't believe it.  I mean who ever really thinks they are going to win a contest?  Especially on a popular blog?  I mean seriously!  Somehow my comment was # 8000 on Tiennie's blog!  How awesome is that.  She has such a lovely blog and the pictures are always so inspiring!  Look at the lovely yarn she sent me as a prize!

It is Plymouth's Happy Feet in a gorgeous green/brown.  Very soft to the touch.  I can't wait to try it out (have you used this yarn before? what do you think?)  I'm thinking a pair of Embossed Leaves socks for me!! (but that will have to wait until after Christmas knitting is complete)

Last week I also got tagged by Stacy to give you more info about myself than you really care to know!

The rules:
- Link to the person who tagged you
- Mention the rules
- Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular or random details about yourself
- Tag six other bloggers by linking to them
- Go to each person's blog and leave a comment that lets them know they've been tagged

Fun facts about me:
  1. I have a twin brother.  Growing up we were highly competitive.  It got to the point that my parents hid our grade cards from each other.  Now we are super friends.
  2. When alone I eat the icing on a piece of cake last. (Unfortunately I think it is rude to do this around others, but I really like to eat all the cake, then all the icing)
  3. My first car was a 1986 Honda Accord Hatchback.  My favorite thing about it was that the headlights "hid" in the car.  It always felt extra fun to watch them come out of the car.
  4. I never dreamed of being a mathematician.  I just wanted to teach Junior High math.
  5. I played the piano for 10 years and dreamed of playing like George Winston!!!  (my dad promised me a grand piano if I did)
  6. I love Christmas!  I still get so excited that I have a really hard time sleeping on Christmas Eve. (I know I'm adult and shouldn't be like that, but.....)
Tagging:  If you want to be it, then you are!!!


Abigail said...

What a fantastic blessing!

I just knit a pair of socks with Happy Feet yarn and it's so yummy to work with. My friend Judah tells me that it wears well too:D

Congratulations:D !!!!!

Wool Winder said...

Congratulations on winning the yarn. I tried it for the first time not too long ago. Remember the red socks that were so difficult to photograph? I enjoyed knitting with it.

Suzanne said...

Great gift, and great socks! I seriously need to spend some time with your tutorials and learn this two sock at a time thing. I am sooooo slow, but I do love to knit them!!

Stacy said...

Congrats on winning the yarn! It looks beautiful.

Jennifer said...

Lovely, yummy yarn. Are you doing a pair a month? If so you've got yarn for December!

Loved your meme too. Funny.

Robin said...

Oh, that's such beautiful yarn! (And I would probably have enjoyed watching the hiding headlights come out too ~ what fun!)