Monday, March 10, 2008

Baby Set 2

Here is Baby Set 2 (aka-the girl set) minus 2 buttons. See last post about my inability to count. The color is off in these pictures. There wasn't a lot of natural light this morning and the flash made it orange. This pic which was taken before buttons is closer to the real color, but still not quite right, but you get the idea!

The color is coral, knitpicks shine sport. So cute! Next person having a baby girl will probably get it, otherwise it is going into my hope chest :) Not a lot of knitting got done this weekend. I had the math contest (fun) and then good friends for dinner on Saturday (lots of fun) and the Sunday didn't feel good (so lots and lots of sleep) I did start a new sock so I will tell you all about it tomorrow (hopefully I'll get a little further on it tonight).