Monday, March 31, 2008

Sweater progress

As predicted not a lot of knitting got done this weekend! The conference was super! So many great talks and getting to be around people who love what I do too! The hard part is that there were 5 special sessions in Topology at the same time! Not very often that you have to choose between so many great talks! (and I'm a little behind on my sleep)
During the conference I saw an albino squirrel! I'm sorry I didn't have my camera to share it with you, maybe I'll see him (or her) again--not quite what you expect to see every day!

So how about the sweater! So it's coming along nicely. I've done all the decreases for the armholes (see how nice they look--I'm rather proud!)

Now about 8 inches and I can do the neck shaping! (the pattern doesn't make sense to me for the neck shaping, so I am going to look for an errata page before that--could just be me, but....I'd rather not have to redo it) Here's another pic with a 12 inched ruler to help give you a better idea of the size:

I'm enjoying the yarn it's very soft! Knox thinks so too, she keeps wanting to be on my lap and "kneed" my sweater (YIKES!) She will start off in a very safe place on my lap and then try to sneak a paw onto my sweater, so I've been watching her like a hawk :) Socks don't have the same appeal to her I guess. On other cat news---we found out Knox likes to "straighten" pictures! We have a picture above our couch and it kept getting crocked! Saturday night DH found her perched on top of the couch "straightening" the picture!

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Wool Winder said...

Nice progress. I agree, it's much better to check for pattern errata before you discover a mistake on your own.