Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Promised Sweater Pics

Do you check your gauge? I must admit I hate checking gauge. It feels like such wasted time and feels like going to the dentist. So as a general rule I just wing it, but.....we've talked about this sweater, so....I checked my gauge.

On the first try I was close. 23 stitches by 32 rows instead of 22 by 30. My initial response was close enough. Then I did the math (haha) and realized that being one stitch off would amount to 2 inches in the final product YIKES! (I wasn't worried at all by the 32 rows) Now if I were good and did things just the way I should, I would knit another gauge swatch using the next size up, but come on, I did it once....so I just went up one size and started. (this may prove to be a crucial mistake, but I hope not)

I did notice that the yarn shows my stitch imperfections big time--who knew I had imperfections in my stitches? alpaca does, that's who! So I blocked the swatch (I did this before I measured it too) and blocking isn't my favorite, but it was so worth it! All the stitches lined up and the fabric felt so light, I can't wait to wear it! (see all those stitches looking so happy--the color is more acurate in the first pic without the flash)

So I've started the back...I think I've done about 9 inches. The yarn is really soft, but I have found where one ply is broken occasionally in the yarn and a knot or two in the skein, but I'm not complaining. I just make sure to check the yarn for a row before I start the row (did that make sense) so I'll keep you posted on the sweater, but fair warning it could take a while.

On another note, my dear mom found this awesome new tea! Blueberry Green Tea by Republic of Tea. It is good for you and tastes wonderful. The blueberry adds a nice sweetness without being overpowering! Enjoy your day while I enjoy my tea!

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