Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Oh the possibilities!

There is something about yarn....sitting there full of can be anything....looking at it, touching it I dream of what it could be. In that state it is perfect, there are no imperfections just possibilities. But I know, it is there to be used. Using some yarn seems calls to is low risk. But some yarn is so precious the miror thought of it not being it's perfect totally scary. Sock yarn isn't too bad, after all it isn't that much yarn (most of which is easily accesible) Now granted I know that you can always frog a project, but somehow the yarn is now tarnished...maybe a better way to think of it is that now it has look at it and it screams failure. This gorgeous yarn I got from my grandma when I was home for Christmas. Grandma who patiently taught me to knit and crochet. As a little girl I would watch her fascinated and I asked if she could teach me to do that. She of course, put down her project to help me.

This yarn is special because it's from grandma, but there is more. It isn't just random yarn my grandma had it's from Mrs. Campbell! Now Grandma encouraged my craftiness a great deal. When I was in 5th ??? grade she bought me a knitting machine from Mrs. Campbell. It came with lessons. Many a weekend I would go with Grandma to see Mrs. Campbell for my lesson. She was a sweet lady! But most of all I remember lots of time with my Grandma and Grandpa! after all, lessons mean spending night, going out to dinner, watching TV (Grandpa would let me pick) Fun times! (Probably baking cookies with Grandma too) So this yarn, all 11 balls of 100% alpaca from Grandma who bought it from Mrs. Campbell is full of possiblities.

Since getting the yarn, I've been dreaming what should it be, what would be fitting for this yarn. I want it to be something I would wear and like. I've read about alpaca. It doesn't have the same memory as wool and can stretch more than other yarn (seams seem to be a good thing when working with alpaca, helps the garment keep its shape) So I think I found it! (from Amazon, Classic Knits)

The sweater on the front. A classic V-neck sweater. Ribbing on the cuffs and hem. The measurements of the finished garment match those of one of my favorite maybe just maybe it will work. Although I'm one to risk gauge, not when it comes to this. So in the days to come.....if I'm brave...I'll risk the yarn ..... in all its perfection.

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Gauss said...

A classic sweater seems like the perfect choice for a treasured yarn. It will be beautiful!