Monday, March 3, 2008

From the knitting archives....

Gunner recieved this "catwarming" set when he was welcomed into my brother and sister-in-law's family. His response (in his own words):

Hi Aunt Leah!

Boy, do I love the toys you made me! My Mom couldn't get over how cute they were! I like to carry those mice around in my mouth by their tails. And, last night I got myself really tied up in the ball and string toy. I slept practially the whole night -- I was so exhausted trying to bite them off of me. Please tell Knox thanks for sharing her treats! I'd never had a "treat" before. I'm going to have to convince Mom and Dad to get me some of those. I look forward to meeting you guys at Christmas. Be ready to play!

Best kisses, Gunner

Unfortunately Christmas didn't go well for them this year...Gunner isn't as shy as Knox and Knox just hissed! You can read more about Gunner at his mom's blog. The mice are from Stitch 'n Bitch Nation, Catwarming set, using Red Heart sport. Quick, cute, and filled with catnip are hours of fun for the kitties in your life :)

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Maid of Misrule said...

Gunner is adorable! -& I love his name. I also love the idea of a "catwarming" gift. So cute!!

I got the soy wool for my socks at Michael's! In all honesty, it was A who found the skeins! Haha!

How's your finger?