Thursday, March 6, 2008

Baby Set Done!

So the green baby set is done, well at least I think. I really wanted to squeeze a hat out of the green I have, but I don't think it is possible. I'm really happy with how the bootees came out. They are Saartje's bootees (small version) using KnitPicks Shine Sport in grass using size 4 needles. As you all know I had great difficulty with the size, but I consulted "someone" who said her baby (now 7 months old) has 5 inch long feet as best she could measure with squirming baby. So these are a full 4 inches with plenty of give. I think that will work!

Now here is the problem....this is for my pastors upcoming child. I thought we were going to find out if the baby was a boy or girl, but at the last minute they've decided to wait. I have made another baby set (bootees in progress) in coral with a little lace, but same basic shape/size/yarn. Now I have to decide what to do. Would the green work for a girl? (the coral won't work for a boy) So here are my options:
1) wait and give them the set after baby is born. Then they get the proper color no problem, but it is so fun to give these cute things at a shower. (I'm planning on making a blanket in white too, so I know that will be a shower gift too, but...)
2) Give the green regardless....that is if you think green is ok for a girl
3) Some better option you all come up with (HELP!!!)

Here's Knox showing off her tummy!


Wool Winder said...

I think green is good for a girl or boy. There is always so much pink and blue, another color will be greatly appreciated.

Gauss said...

Green is definitely Ok for a girl. In fact, it's "the color of the season" at Ann Taylor Loft! In all seriousness, though, yellow and green are always safe, gender-neutral colors...

The set looks super-cute and will be perfect for a spring baby!