Saturday, March 1, 2008

Mom's Handiwork

I'm feeling better and knitting again, slowly but surely (kinda the way my finger is heeling). Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers!  Today is the baby shower for my cousin L. Unfortunately it is in KS and I'm not.  L is the first cousin to have a baby so the family is very excited.  My mom requested that I make some bootees for a coursage she wanted to make to honor the mother-to-be.  I didn't really know what she had in mind, but look what she made!

She is so crafty at these types of things!  She did all the flowers for my wedding--they looked so professional!  I'm sure it will be a super shower too!

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Amber said...

You're a blogging machine, Leah! Glad to hear your finger is feeling better. You must be careful with those precious knitting fingers! Wish we could have been at L's baby shower. I will send you more blogging material asap. =-)