Thursday, April 17, 2008

1 piece down, 3 to go!

Yeah! as promised here are pics of the back of the sweater. I realize that they look really similar to other pics you've seen here of the sweater, but I'm done with the biggest piece and totally excited! I'll block it once the other piece are finished, that way I can make sure the seams are the same length. The neck shaping directions were a little weird, but I think came out ok, we'll see when it goes together.

Just to refresh your memory this is from Classic Knits. It the the V-neck sweater pictured on the cover. All the designs in this book are really classics. Nothing fancy, just what I would call staples in the wardrobe! The yarn is 100% alpaca gifted to me by my awesome grandma (and is now discontinued) Oh speaking of the yarn--the back took about 2.5 skeins! I had 11 total, so I think I'm in great shape!

On a side note, I've been shopping for luggage. Yep, with Scotland on the horizon I definitely need some better luggage. What I have is okay, but worn and I've got to be able to pack for a month--how do you pack for a month? Does anyone know how to pick good luggage? It is all so confusing and so many prices!


Abigail said...

Scotland! I'm so jealous.

Her are a few tips:

Pack mix and match items. And lots of layers for cloths. Get a good pair of walking shoes and break them in now.

I walked all over Europe, trust me on this.

Oh, leave room for wool or have them ship it if you can.

Davene McBride said...

I'd suggest you ask T&A about luggage.

Your sweater is looking very nice!

Wool Winder said...

Classic is the way to go. You'll be happy you picked a sweater to knit that won't be going out of style as soon as you finish it.

No real advice about buying luggage, except make sure it's not too heavy. You don't want the weight of the suitcase to blow the weight allowance, especially since you'll need to bring enough stuff for a month.

Maid of Misrule said...

The sweater looks great! I really dig the color. How is the 100% alpaca holding your stitches?