Thursday, April 3, 2008

First project

Last night (as I was working on the baby blanket) I began to ponder what to post about today. My sweater is 4 inches longer than last time I showed you (but really it looks the same and the back isn't finished yet) The blanket is a full 9 inches, but again not very exciting. I did hear the baby shower for this baby is May 10th, so I have plenty of time (they had discussed mid April and that had me a little worried) School is going well, but nothing interesting to report ( I'm looking forward to the weekend to recover from the conference last weekend), church...good. Okay so really my life isn't so interesting. Then I looked down at the blanket I was covered in (I know--it's hot in BR, but DH likes to keep the AC low and sometimes I give in so he is comfortable and I'm cold) So what is so special about this blanket?

It is my first hand knitted project ever! (I think I may have done a machine knitted project before this, but that will be another post) My grandma let me pick out the yarn and she bought it for me (see how lucky I'm to have such a great family) I remember it took me forever, even though the yarn is held double and knit on large needles. I remember taking it out each winter and working on it, but years later I still use it often. (I probably finished it sometime in junior high) It isn't perfect, there are visible mistakes in the simple pattern, it's a little fuzzy and has gathered some lint over the years, but it is just right for me. If you are a knitter, what was your first project? (yes some nonknitters read my blog....I'm working hard to converting them) :)

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Wool Winder said...

This is a coincidence as I am planning to post about my first knitting project this week. You did a great job on this blanket.