Tuesday, April 29, 2008

almost there!

Yesterday I was seriously stressed about getting my April socks done...okay not really stressed, but almost resigned to the fact that it wouldn't happen! This weekend was great, but ended up with lots of busy things not involving knitting....rearranging furniture to accommodate new furniture, cleaning, shopping, laundry, organizing my shoes (really---DH built some shelves in the closet) Anyway, once the house was together very little knitting time remained. I did make the heel.
Heel flap:

Turning the heel:

So my mom is serious about learning to knit socks (she's diving right in....no first project scarf here!) So I wanted to detail a little more about the heel for her! (I can't wait to be home and get you started mom!) Grandma has her going well on the basics! YEAH! Thanks Grandma! Can you tell I'm excited?
So that was all this weekend....then yesterday my needles just flew! I'm not sure why the foot is going so fast but yesterday I got over 3 repeats done (and made dinner, cleaned the bathroom, picked up, did dishes, and did my school work) Not sure where the energy came from either, but....now I have 1 repeat and the toe to do! Woohoo! That is totally doable, even with dinner with my advisor's advisor tonight and church tomorrow night! So I think the April socks will squeak in. (I'm starting my May socks early....I don't like this rush...I'm not sure how people function at Christmas when they are trying to finish a dozen projects at once)
Oh and last week I got a pic of the albino squirrel that lives on campus (I mentioned seeing him here). So very weird!


Abigail said...

Good luck on the finish.

I was afraid that we would have to charge you with a heafty fine in the form of one chocolate bar.......

Abigail said...

The word verification was


How funny.

Davene McBride said...

Socks are looking good- nice heel picture. So looking forward to seeing you! Love, Mom

Wool Winder said...

You're very close to finishing now. I bet you make the deadline.

Thanks for the squirrel picture. I may ask my nephew if he's ever seen it on campus.

Faith said...

So, did you make the deadline? We're all dying to know!