Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Moving right along!

Last night I started the baby blanket! Does this mean I'm done with the back of the sweater? Nope! Let's just say a day with a high over 80, lots of humidity, and alpaca don't mix--at least not last night! So I went for something a little "cooler."

I can't believe how quickly this is going! I've done almost 5 inches! (I need 25, then I do a border) It was really nice to crochet! I must say I've missed it. (I don't have another crochet project in mind at the moment--except a doily or two, but I guess we'll see) Here is me try to get some close up shots! So many blogs have such artist pics--well I try....practice makes better, right?

How about another Knox story? I know, I know, so many cat stories....we don't have kids we have a cat, but she is just so entertaining and sweet....I know I'm obsessed, what can I say....she makes me smile and laugh! On with the story....this morning I got up before DH (this is normal in our house) Knox got up too and went out to the living room for a minute (we don't give her free reign of the house at night--she has her claws and we have new furniture---she doesn't seem to mind), then went back to the bedroom, crawled under the covers and curled up at DH's feet to sleep in with him! (She is known to crawl under the covers to sleep, but not normally when a human is in the bed too, and very rarely with DH.) It was a tender morning for the two of them :)


Davene McBride said...

It's looking good! Could you send some of your warm weather home to Mom? :)

Wool Winder said...

Looks great! You'll be finished in no time.