Monday, April 21, 2008

Half way there!

I'm not sure why I always think I will get to post of Friday. I should realize that it isn't going to happen, but...somehow I hold out hope. See Friday is when I meet with my advisor and tell her what I've been doing all week, and there is always that last minute scramble! Thanks for all your prayers regarding my presentation! It went super and everyone seemed really interested.

On to knitting news....sock one is done! I'm super pleased with how it turned out. The pattern goes really quickly especially once you get used to doing the cabling row. When I was doing the leg, I got to thinking maybe I should shorten it just a little so that I make sure I have plenty of yarn for the foot. I decided not to, then I had to take out the heel and redo it, and again considered making the leg a little bit shorter...but again decided not to. So talk about knitting on the wild is what was left:

Hopefully the second skein is as generous :) So I'm halfway to my Pair-a-month challenge, not too many days left in April, so I've already cast on for sock number 2. Speaking of the PAM challenge, my partner and I agreed on our rules. We didn't really like the idea of giving/buying yarn for a pair of socks....we're both on budgets and my partner is on a yarn diet...maybe that would have really motivated us to get our socks done, but anyway....we decided that we would give a gift ($5-10) of yarn, tea, or books (it need not be new) I think this will work out well and not break the bank. On other news, my mom has decided she wants to learn to make socks (I think) See what happens, give mom handmade socks which she loves....she wants more....she's going to try! I can't wait. She has knitted before a little bit a long time hopefully my grandma can get her comfortable with some basic knitting skills before I get there and then she will be on her way!


Faith said...

I love reading about how much fun you are having with the KAL. That is so neat! And who knows? Maybe next year, your mom will be your sock partner! :)

Abigail said...

Yeah for the first sock! And congratulations on you presentation.

We knew you would do well.