Wednesday, April 9, 2008

An Amazing Transformation!

It is amazing what one more round will do to my funny looking curls! Now it looks like a prefect edging! See those all stretched out and happy...looking just right. It is definitely an interesting construction that had never seen before, but it wasn't hard. In fact with the edging only being 3 rows it goes really fast. I'd say making the curls is the worst of it.

Here's a larger view just so you can remember how silly it looked!

In other news....I get to teach today! I must say I'm excited! Some semesters I teach a class of my own, which I always enjoy, but is a lot of work. I taught Calculus for the first time last semester and felt swamped the whole time. This semester I'm grading for a professor. The work isn't as enjoyable, but there is so much less of it and it is not stressful that I enjoy the break. But the prof is out of I get to fill in. Not quite the same as having your own class, but I'm looking forward to this afternoon. Hopefully it will go well!


Davene McBride said...

It's looking much better. Hope you had fun teaching- you are such a good teacher!

Anonymous said...

It's fun to watch the transformations of crochet. Have you done a "mile-a-minute" afghan before? You make strips and then sew them together. It's fun to watch the strips fatten up like your border. I hated teaching Diff Eq recitations, but I loved tutoring it in small groups. It's good someone likes to teach math! :-)

Wool Winder said...

Now I see how it works. Very nice!