Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A gator!

While DH and I have lived in Louisiana for almost three years, we just had our first alligator spotting! DH went to visit the Old River Control Auxiliary Structure north of BR to seeing the very swollen Mississippi river not realizing he would see this too:

Spring has definitely sprung here! See our Jasmine plant on our back porch all in bloom. It likes to cascade up and cling to anything it can and now is covered in little white blossoms!

One of our favorite trees is pictured below. It is a sweet olive tree and is covered with little clusters of white blossoms. Not only is it pretty, but it smells heavenly!

Okay, how about a little knitting talk too! In the past I have shied away from grafting toes on my socks. Why you ask? Well every time I've done it I haven't been 100% please with the results...it's okay, but I can never get it to look just right! In response, I've taken doing a star toe most of the time. Now when working on my Old Navy, I wasn't sure a star toe would look as good and I just having trouble not following the directions! But I remembered a post Knitting Daily had done about grafting! So I gave it a try and got the best grafted toe I have ever done! It still was a little awkward, but...I like the results!


Wool Winder said...

How big is that gator? I hear there are some where we kayak. Yikes!

The sock looks good (previous post). That's an interesting way to graft the toe--it's kitchener with knitting needles.

Abigail said...

Wow how exciting for you:D

Glad you learned a way to graft that works for you. Sharp looking sock too.

Anonymous said...

Looks like good fishable water to me. Pops